Does A Fool Dare Sit

by Philip F De Pinto

all and for once concerning rules
and not fewer than the none I have dabbled in
in which I may have been labeled dunce - a fool's fool
for not knowing what fun rules were
when you paid them not the least attention span
that was my plan in the cold compress of day
is where my bruised attention lay

in my day
I would confess as any fool
to sneaking up on rules
and slaying them like she dragons
while their backs were turned squatting in the trenches
like so many wenches busy laying
the next generation of rules
to pay their slayer much attention

and still it leaves a fool
Who in his day had no qualms about spilling ( rules ) blood
to question if he has the moxie now to leave the ovules
of such as were lain - orphaned?
or dare he sit on such ovules - larger than life - as midwife?
and bring them to fruition?
tis too great a scheme and ambition as makes a fool
labeled fool's fool think he would dare sit on such ovules
and tell such hatchlings he was their sire?
even breathe fire
to prove such and such to such
and should he get comfortable playing the part of hen?
and mutter that was then
this is now and I would content myself abiding by rules
not slaying or having contempt for such as bulldozer has for buildings
even though he's earned the right to bulldoze such
when their backs were turned and were ovulating
and would not have the moxie now to orphan any brick
but lay on top and hatch each into structures
worthy of erection;

to lay to sit to hatch a brick
is a neat trick
then as now

saving there is

mortar mortar everywhere
and not a brick to build
such edifices - such rules - such dragons as need edification
menopause may be the explanation;
or an unwillingness to bring them to fruition

nevertheless a fool is free - relatively!
to mull if not to sate his gangling curiosity of what
it would be like post the slaying?
to be laying on such ovules - once hatched - which will themselves most certainly
be dispatched toward conception - conceiving their own kind
time after time
wenches too busy squatting in trenches
laying the next generation of rules
to pay their slayer much attention


Posted on 04/12/2013
Copyright © 2020 Philip F De Pinto

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