The Mad Scientist

by Philip F De Pinto

just for the mad hell of it
the mad scientist inserted his left
pinky in his left nostril
and scooped out some mucus
left over from the big blow!

that is not unusual for a mad scientist
to do but here is what was at
the heart of this mad experiment;
he then stuffed that scoop of mucus
into one of his ears - the left one

that was not the end of the experiment
but the mad scientist then scooped out
some wax from that left ear
and inserted it - if you haven't guess where?
I can tell you he stuffed that wax into his left nostril

not just for the hell of it
but to see what would become of such
a mad experiment? I can tell you the results
were quicker than expected
for as soon as that mucus from the left nostril was inserted

into that left ear
that ear began immediately to demand
ear snuff to facilitate its breathing
as well - with the insertion of wax into that left nostril
the left nostril began immediately to demand

a nose swab to swab out the wax
which it did and in so doing
that left nostril
began immediately to hear

what that other snotty right nostril
was muttering all these years
behind its back
some of which would blow your mind to hear


Posted on 01/21/2013
Copyright © 2020 Philip F De Pinto

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