caution junction

by Philip F De Pinto

proceed from here
here was caution - a basket case
if ever was one delivered to
your doorsteps like some toddler
for your tending

but from here on in
proceed with caution
if and when you decide to take such toddler in for the tending
which is the bending of some more
manly rule or other which would toss
such a toddler to the brusque wind

not to mention that toddler
has a brother named careful
himself a basket case
as is his sister which shall remain nameless - oh yes
caution has a sister as if you didn't know?
if only you had looked - scoured deeper in the basket


Author's Note: naturally all proceeds of caution and his siblings will go to fund charitable causes.

Posted on 01/18/2013
Copyright © 2023 Philip F De Pinto

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