I Am Not Of This Earth

by Philip F De Pinto

I am not of this earth
Not of this earth

Nor ever shall be
Given my mother ( so called ) will see fit

Never to have me set foot
On this earth - this earth!

But she will have bartered birth
For a good slim figure

Thus for the slimness of figure
I will not be of this earth

Not of this earth
Ever to set foot on

But to be interred as quickly
As I was conceived

In the earth - in the earth
Which is my true mother

And not the quack who conceived me
Which it is my lot never to wean

At her breasts nor ever set foot on
Or dance jig upon her tummy revisioned back to slim

And only to kick - kick the thick inner lining of it in mild protest

Nor is it my lot ever to set foot on this earth
But to land on its tarmac

Like a plane lands on its belly
Save in my case I will be landing

On my back and touching down upon her
In ways not having to do

With feet nor tires - but mine
Is a sliding and burning and horizontal

Story as ever was laid out
And set blazing from the get go


Author's Note: this tale was not conceived to offend any but to impregnate, merely to impregnate a ponder-ance and perhaps even a regret.

Posted on 01/18/2013
Copyright © 2023 Philip F De Pinto

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