a boy named him

by Philip F De Pinto

him being a bright lit boy
and the locals being dark and dim
there was no communication
to be gotten twixt him and them
not anything either could share
and so what choice but a bright lit boy
seek to make pen pals of stars which were far away
yet not far removed in temperament
which were bold and big and waxing bright in the night
and if him had to depend on the pony express
rather than bright lit speed to reach his readership
they his pen pals may have never received
the first thing him ever penned
which they may have lacked the stomach for
given it was mostly the puke of first time scriveners
nor would these pen pals have received his last loamings
which were much the richer honed
if the mode of express had not been bright lit speed
given they would have been too hunched over at the time
and too near sighted to care to stare into what
even a brightly lit boy had written;
and so - so much for brightly lit boys named him
so much for nameless locals - so much for new or old or dark ages
no matter how provincial or distant away


Posted on 01/18/2013
Copyright © 2024 Philip F De Pinto

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