Third Degree

by Philip F De Pinto

she thinks he is giving her the third degree
when he inquires as to how she feels which is always miserable

still he must inquire - lest he be fired for not asking - for that
is what he was hired to do - which is

to inquire as to her feelings - night and day

day and night - it is not his duty but his job to inquire
regarding her being which is never well but always ill - still

he must inquire - lest in remaining reticent - he - the college grad
with all the degrees be fired - and given such positions

as inquiring employers how they feel are difficult to find
in any economy he will continue to inquire

and retain his position which one can say pays well
damn well though it wearies the tongue - even the ear

year to year and so how are you feeling my dear?
that is the other job stipulation - that he call her dear

if only in so calling her she would cheer
up - save that would be the death knell of he

as his services would no longer be required - rendered null and void
and who could afford for her to cheer up in this economy? not he!


Posted on 01/18/2013
Copyright © 2019 Philip F De Pinto

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