By The Time You Read This

by Philip F De Pinto


who will care
if nothing or nearly nothing
of the sky writing
in which he proposed
to you is hover-
ing in the air
o'er the Aegean
the sheer beauty of seeing
and hearing
and tasting and touch

by the time you read this

we will miss much
in the offing
of skies
when we look down
at the offing in our plates

by the time we taste this
or that giblet Cassandra will relent
and tides of suitors will be hell bent
to enter your domain
again and again - fain
would cluster - remain your lover
jilt you in the ebbing?
cuckolding every would be groom
on the list

including me
and thou
who e'er sees
in the dark will wish they hadn't
as seeing what you wish not to believe
you are seeing puts a dent
in all you have ever come to believe in this room
we fear your groom
will not be aborting
his mission to endear himself
to other than his queen
this year

three cheers
for rover!
tide move on over

later or sooner or sooner than that
or now
the pow wow
the lank of stilt occurrence will lean too far and splat
on the low and lean altruist who must cater to dance
with fat chance look up
to the stilt - and yell hell!
with the outstretched hand or cup
mea culp!
or yours?
who will get down on all fours?
will you - you dogged sky?
I wish you would as my eyesight isn't what it was
and if perchance you get down on the quad of your paws
perhaps I can read the fade
that the jet made
in proposing to you
the smoky proposal which was solid
at least for an instant before smoke does
what smoke does
which is dissipate
to locate its other mate
and you cannot come to hate
the messenger in the mode to dissipate
it is smoke's fate to dissipate

three cheers for dissipating smoke!
why three cheers not four?
or five? - who is keeping score?

arrived the cornucopia of ear
who needs altruist this year?

some saw
contrary to law
some came
closer than expected to that cigar
which was the tide
croutons wide
on your salad dish
Penelope if you wish

other than fame
the near miss
of doing as we please
the near miss
of doing what we must
Ithaca or bust

the near miss
of other than to witness the frozen stoop
on which lists the fan of other than this protagonist
the moon oscillating in the distance


Posted on 01/17/2013
Copyright © 2023 Philip F De Pinto

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