by Philip F De Pinto

sleepy head!

what would you do

if you woke up one night

and there was no one remaining

in the world, not a singular soul,

save you, and a mirror?

seriously, sleepy head!

what if for some bad dream

you fell out of bed to discover it was

just you and the mirror?

and for reason you couldn't stand to be alone

for more than a second you went up to that mirror,

if only to keep company with what seemed to be another human soul.

a potential friend or foe?

and so sleepy head

what if you were startled awake one night

and discovered yourself to be a vampire

and the reflection which you had hoped to tamp down

your heightened anxiety with in the mirror,

simply isn't there, what then?

die of loneliness I suppose?

but who knows, man may as yet make a comeback

as will your reflection.

so put down that stake.

don't make such a foolhardy mistake..

just take a break.

from such notions that you could

ever wind up alone.

for the fact that you are already alone.

and always will be an island

if not quill dipping in the blood stream.

who knows sleepy head, but your fears

may all be unfounded and this may be just a dream

or you may already be dead a thousand years

if not more. died of loneliness, I suppose, and don't be sore

if you are dead. what there is to be sore about

is that you may still be alive

in a bloody hive. a queen bee sans the others

buzzing about and keeping you in clover.

for all we know your life may be over

but not the dream. never the bloody dream.

or worse still, sleepy head you may wake up

to discover you are neither queen bee or vampire but a toothless Bard,

fallen on hard times, alone to the bone

sans the bloody means

to sustain a live audience,

and the only company

you were permitted to keep was to reflect on this lousy ode

o'er and o'er.


Posted on 01/17/2013
Copyright © 2022 Philip F De Pinto

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by George Hoerner on 01/17/13 at 02:07 AM

If I were the only one I'd let myself go and hope that somehow humanity might start over again with no history to work from.

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