A Poem-A Poem-What Is In The Name Of A Poem?

by Scott Utley

Gabriel Ricard-I'd say you are pretty damn smart!-Gabriel, get your ass on Face Book and please be-friend me. I am the SCOTT UTLEY who is a consultant at Nuclearmind Global. This organization is critical to our survival - well, just one very small piece to the path of correct solution - we can speak privately at FB when and if would like to discuss this further (my profile picture changes frequently - I believe my profile picture now is a still classic Hollywood photo of Steve Cochran and Ida Lupino) I am graduate of UC SAN DIEGO, (nano-molecular biology-physics),I am also widowed. Those are the identifiers on my page-just click my page. It will direct you to my page, which is public, and very easy to peruse and access.

Nuclearmind is non-profit-non-violent social velvet revolutionary movement. This Credo is it's agenda. I act as the front-man,(in Tarot: The FOOL)s peaking when necessary, I often play the foil. (do not worry)... for there is nothing said nor claimed that is constructed to invite deconstructionists or nay-Sayers. I mean, I speak recklessly with extreme consciousness, so that what I say is always crafted to create or incite a specific response from specific people; regardless of whether it appears I am being inappropriate or not.

Well ... I devoutly wish I have piqued your interest and I am persuading you–I never say anything that is not firmly vetted and constructed to arouse certain thoughts or emotions in the very specific people I am focused on at any given moment.

Rush-do not walk-I am very well blessed to be connected with the greatest poets of our-or anytime. For you not to be participating is a sin - a sin - a sin - a sin - a sin - a sin .... so stop right now whatever you are doing. Once you befriend me - you will be welcomed into my powerful world there. There is much inside-information. It is all in American Indian Linguistic code which there is no need for you to master - there are just a few Indian word combinations that are easy to lean and will alert us, and our collaborators to you you call if there is indeed an emergency in your world anywhere else on this planet.

Yes! Nuclearmind will train you in our American Indian-based cod- it is simply fab! and concise with very few words necessary to keep the lights on. These signals are used only for SOS.

We have many connections to some of the world’s greatest literary minds, however, please note:

THIS IS NOT A CLAIM THAT ANY, OR ALL OF THESE LIKE-MINDED TALENTS ARE IN ANYWAY AFFILIATED WITH NUCLEARMIND OR ITS AFFILIATES. Having said that and that being said, we shall conclude all of what I have just said by saying it again! :) Just kidding!(LAUGH FOOL!)

I will see to it that I connect you with all the many avenues where your brilliant echoing powerful voice will reach millions and millions of discerning ereditic (my word) minds-and you-as I-may very well become some of the world’s most cherished voices and … blessed be you ... blessing upon all you love and those who love you, with warm and sincere regards, Scott Utley - LA CA USA - Anno Domini: November The Third 2000 and 12 - Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, U.S. of A.


Posted on 11/04/2012
Copyright © 2020 Scott Utley

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by A. Paige White on 11/04/12 at 10:35 PM

Well you really gave me a great chuckle here! This is priceless. Glad I'm not the only recipient of your lovin, Scott! Though I'm a little crushed mine was only through the private message thingy. Sniff. Sniff. I did copy and paste it into my daily journal though, so it wouldn't be lost forever from my pathetic memory banks. I need a nuclearmind. Or maybe a new clear mind. Love it.

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 11/05/12 at 02:21 PM

Hilarious and in-your-face satire.

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