Thirteen ways of looking at a seizure, no more

by A. Paige White

With Sincerest apologies and appreciation to
Sallie Mattison's
"Thirteen Ways of looking at pain"
a parody of Wallace Stevens'
"Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird".

Of the twenty lost minutes
The only unmoving thing
was how rigid I could be
I was a threefold higher suicidal risk (It’s a brain misfiring in iii. ways)
Tonic-clonic, absence, partially-complex
are grand teachers of how precious consciousness can be.
All awareness whirled in and out in a cloudy daze
It was a part of the depressing confusion
a body and a brain
are one
a body and a brain and a seizure
are one
I do not know which to prefer
The total lack of consciousness
The total lack of awareness of a lack of consciousness
The all over soreness afterwards
Or the desire for a permanent lack of consciousness
Icicles fill the prolonged limbo
Of a barbaric casque
The stipple of a seizure
Frosts it, embossing
The mood
Erased, at best, skewed
to a present ,absent ,anguish
oh sentient populace of planet dearth

viii. i.
ix. think
x. i. think. i. think. I AM
xi. h. a . v.i. n. g.
xii.a .

i.can’t see
But I can see no more


Author's Note:

I adore Sallie Mattison's parody "Thirteen Ways of Looking at Pain".
and immediately translated into Paige speak.
I Interpreted it " at my own risk and hope you do the same ;-)

Posted on 05/20/2012
Copyright © 2021
A. Paige White

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Glenn Currier on 08/07/12 at 11:39 PM

Oh gees... so much to munch on here. I was going to say I liked stanza v. the most then I re-read the rest and now I am not sure, but I DO love this line a lot: "he total lack of awareness of a lack of consciousness." This is a multi-media extravaganza. I am completely in awe. Thanks.

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