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Let's play a game of give and take!

by Lori Blair

We used to play house as children
innocence held us unspecified
though we never had to try hard
to relate, we just played a game
of give and take

and now how I miss you so

and as we grew without that home
we forgot what most do as they age
so alone now without that time
to contemplate, what we'd known,
so long ago

and now I'm telling you so

we had skinned dreams and shared things
for best friends weren't held as close
though you and I had once hoped so
while they hurt our souls, we never lost pride
cuz we held ourselves inside

by far more than we'd known


and since we've grown all we've done was fight
we tell ourselves we weren't ever that close
but I miss you though you don't know
cuz I am too proud to admit
I was just as wrong

as were you

and I long for you to see things
just that way
but I'm too proud to say
it all alone, before, it's too late

There was once a time when I would cry
and you could find the time to ask
"what's wrong", but that time is gone
but how I long it wasn't so
won't you say sorry too?

cuz I still love you as a sister should
and as best friends still would

and as best friends tend to do

I won't forget those times between us
though this space is so great

just say you're sorry too

And then one day you grew and moved away
you left me alone inspite of it all
and I cried many times beside
an empty phone held in my hands
cuz how could you know me now

when our home wasn't a home

since you had left?

but I still love you as sisters should do
and as best friends still would

as best friends tend to do

just say you're sorry too

cuz I've been sorry since

let's just play that same game
of give and take!

tell me now, tell me now
you're sorry too
please say you're sorry too

cuz I miss you so, don't you
don't you know that too?

Cuz it's so true!
I'm telling you so, true!


Author's Note: For my sister Wendy...I miss you...

Posted on 01/15/2012
Copyright © 2023 Lori Blair

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by JJ Johnson on 01/16/12 at 12:02 AM

Who can answer the mystery of why we grow apart when it is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder? Family is supposed to be the one unconditional love there is, but then it is also said that you only hurt the ones you love. So here you are, with a dilemma not as uncommon as it should be. A heart felt apology and desire to repair the bonds broken over time. So well expressed I can feel the words as my own for the brother I have disowned. It's hard to suggest you find a way to rediscover your sisterly love and share it once again when I would be a hypocrite in the utterence, but still, I can hope for others what I cannot find for myself. Perhaps sending her this poem would be the first step that makes all the difference. Another outstanding verse from the heart! jj

Posted by Mo Couts on 01/16/12 at 01:48 AM

This is so absolutely precious, Lori!

Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 01/16/12 at 09:45 PM

Considerable depth and humanity. Both are so powerfully prevalent in this. A wonderful poem.

Posted by JJ Johnson on 01/19/12 at 02:51 AM

I've been trying for the past few days to rate this poem, it isn't working still. So I think you should know just in case you thought no one liked it enough to rate it, it's Pathetic, not your poem. I will keep trying, someone will figure out what's wrong with the site and fix it. jj

Posted by Philip F De Pinto on 01/21/12 at 01:49 PM

I so hope you reconcile, Lori with your beloved sister and I hope this is the vehicle which will permit that to be. If your sister is anything like you Lori, she will be full of love and ready reconciliation in hand and respond in kind to this poem which is so immersed in love and forgiveness.

Posted by Leslye Writer on 01/31/12 at 05:27 PM

You said what I so well understand and I wished I could have written. This is is recollective. I think it probably gathered it all together so that it is now safely placed. It grasped me and won't let go and it is heavy and is pushing me.

Posted by LK Barrett on 02/01/12 at 07:39 PM

This and "And I miss you" are so heartfelt and so eloquently expressed, I find it difficult to match them with the other poems here by you, which to date I am unable to penetrate for reasons I hope I've been clear in expressing. This is marvelous. I wish I could love all of your work as much as I love this.

Posted by Clara Mae Gregory on 02/03/12 at 03:23 PM

love this too

Posted by Joan Serratelli on 02/06/12 at 01:25 AM

I can relate.IF your sister sees this, her heart will melt. A Very heartfelt write.

Posted by George Hoerner on 07/30/17 at 12:00 AM

Well, it's now nearly August 2017. I may be hoping for too much but I'd hope by now you've resolved your issues with your sister. If not don't stop trying. Wishing you the best lady!

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