When is the right time to quit?

by Rommel Cruz

In a relationship,
When is the right time to quit?
How do you know that enough is enough?

Is there a mathematical formula,
That you just substitute values and you will get the answer?
Or are the variables so vast and innumerable,
With an unquantifiable permutation,
That a solution,
Let alone a defining equation,
Be impossible to formulate?

Is there a set of questions that one can answer?
Can this be a multiple choice, an essay type,
Or a combination of both perhaps?
Are there points for effort?
What is the passing grade?

Do we simply list the pros and cons?
And if the list for cons is longer,
Do we unconditionally terminate the relationship?

Do we group experiences, physical attributes,
Educational and career attainment, one's bank account,
Religion, and sexual prowess
Into must-haves,
Nice-to-haves, And
What if out of the 100 must-haves, you only scored 99?
Is the single red x enough to be a deal-breaker?
Or do we assign weights to each feature?

Do we stick to our relationships
Until a better model comes along?
But then again, how do you define better?
Do we slug it out, hoping and praying
That what we currently have will eventually improve?
And is the time and effort required for the wait worth it?
Or does the law of diminishing returns apply?

Do we try to rekindle the flames that we experienced
When the relationship was just starting out?
Or do we douse the dying embers of passion
With the cold realization that the highs of yesteryears
Can never be regained?

Do we martyr ourselves
When the fights become more and more frequent?
Do we rationalize that she's just having a bad day?
Or do we don the punching gloves ourselves and go for the knockout?

Should we be masochists
For staying in a relationship that doesn't make us happy anymore
Because of some till-death-do-us-part promise that we made?
Should we hold on to the dream of a happily-ever-after?
Try to iron out problems and make compromises?
Or should we be quitters
When we see the signs that things are not as expected, not as planned?
Should we pack our bags and blame it on irreconcilable differences?

Is being in a relationship a need or a want?
Is it a choice:
A conscious decision on our part to be in one?
Or is it luck:
Our cosmic fate written in the stars
Long before we were even born?

Is there an answer?
Should there be an answer?

Do these questions pass from point to point,
Intersecting with conflicting lines of thoughts,
Only to be bounced back and compounded into an infinite loop?


Posted on 01/13/2009
Copyright © 2021 Rommel Cruz

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 01/13/09 at 02:59 AM

Who knows if there's an answer. But it sure is fun writing about it. Good stuff, man.

Posted by Anne Engelen on 01/13/09 at 08:25 PM

Gosh, I think I asked all of these questions before. All I know is that the answer lies in you, so be true to yourself and you'll find your answer.

Posted by Nanette Bellman on 01/14/09 at 01:09 AM

Way to compile a list to demand answers of Cupid or whoever. I've certainly had alot of these thoughts. Well done sir.

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