skin of your teeth

by Steven Kenworthy

in talking to God about this,
i told myself,
it's time to stop touching you.

it's time to stop thinking of touching you.
it's time to stop dreaming,
hoping, wishing, dreaming,
myself in the same room as in the same
mindtelevisionset turning up the brushing volume
of the sound of my fingers sliding against
your skin of the sound of my fingers
rubbing,creating friction,making prints,pressing&sliding
against your heaven skin that i'd better not
create sweat against, breathe pink against
create condensation against my breath responsible
for beads of perspiration trickling,running,sliding
wrecklessly off of parts of you onto me slipping
from one figure to the next i'd better figure out
how to stop this transferring,thinking,dreaming,hoping,
wishingimaginingvisualizing, sensationalizing the
shaking &trembling must soon be controlled or
out of control i'm rattled and you're shaking hard
body resting between numb now,tingling&twitching you
over me your burning control over me is unforgiving
blistering the sky,my eyes my hands my pulse my
blood is everywhere because the battle is forever
ongoing we're still going it has to stop, i have to stop
the fresh imagery is too fresh this time i'll resist
just in time to put the cool clothes back over my
bricklayed frame walk away pray say not today,
not today.


Author's Note: can you hear it tiptoe across your knees

Posted on 03/31/2008
Copyright © 2020 Steven Kenworthy

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Kathleen Wilson on 03/31/08 at 04:44 AM

Intense mix of the physical and psychological. the way life really is. I love the driving entensity, so mirrors the way this feels, and the ongoing desire and fantasy sweating into the wish for forgetfulness. "over me" has such feeling and entices as well as releases, such appetite, and regret. Life lived intensely, in hwatever situation it finds itself... in you.

Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 03/31/08 at 04:48 AM

I love the opening to this. It feels like I'm about to step into one of the great old-time ballads. Well done as always, man.

Posted by A. Paige White on 03/31/08 at 11:37 AM

This is a fantastic dip into the river of desiring desire. I love how you userunonlinesandwords to showtheflow of a loop. I have lived this same desiringdesire. You capture it exquisitely. I also love how you open with "I am talking to God about this, I told myself..." When you get the breakthrough on this, for heaven's sake, lol, but more specifically, my sake too, please pray for me as well. I always so enjoy a stroll through such Worthy worlds created by your words. Wonderful to read you new, Worthy!

Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 03/31/08 at 02:37 PM

Great capture here, SK. I, too, love the beginning stanza that slowing dissolves into this river of emotion and desire. I adore these lines - " turning up the brushing volume of the sound of my fingers sliding against your skin" !!!

Posted by Charlie Morgan on 03/31/08 at 03:19 PM

...everything they all said above me...especially the words of gabe about the start of the pome annnnd all the "stuff" paige spoke of...taking a regular second/moment/flash and repeat it 60 gillion times and you got life, eh?...good one s.k. charlie

Posted by Leslie Ann Eisenberg on 03/31/08 at 03:46 PM

killer opening, followed by the best breathless sentences ever! a rant can flow, you've proven it here! obsession breathes fire in the repetition, fab consonance and internal rhyme carries it through and slows down for those awesome last 2 lines. loved the ride, SK. :)PK

Posted by Laurie Blum on 03/31/08 at 05:41 PM

Beautifully sensual and at the same time anxious and driven! The flow is very physical. This is a favorite of mine now!

Posted by Elizabeth Jill on 03/31/08 at 11:48 PM

can you hear it tiptoe across your knees yes...sensual and amazing.

Posted by Therese Elaine on 04/01/08 at 01:33 AM

Now this gives one shivers, metaphorically and metaphysically...highly delectable.

Posted by Frankie Sanchez on 04/01/08 at 04:49 PM

i think my heart just stopped.

Posted by Elizabeth Seago on 04/02/08 at 03:42 PM

This was incredible and it's exactly what I'm going through right now. It's good to know I'm not alone. Isn't it the worst, though? Still loving and fantasizing about someone so long gone. That you can't have again. At least not right now. Maybe not ever. Dear God, it stings. Great write! +Favorites.

Posted by Leslie Ann Eisenberg on 04/03/08 at 05:50 PM

top of the charts, whoo hoo!! way to go, sk. ooo's pk

Posted by Lauren Singer on 04/03/08 at 11:51 PM

you've outdone yourself with this one, handsome. this is very tactile for you. i like the change of tone.

Posted by Angela Nuzzo on 04/07/08 at 05:03 AM

WOW! I think my body temp just jacked up a few degrees on this one! :o Great breathlessness in the style of writing. And the ending is superb.

Posted by Mara Meade on 04/08/08 at 06:07 PM

*wipes sweat from brow* So... when can we meet for coffee?

Posted by Christina Bruno on 04/10/08 at 03:09 AM

the repitition in this is so effective, like a trip through the subconscious

Posted by Megan Langley on 07/29/08 at 09:19 PM

I love the flow of this poem... quite excellent, I must say

Posted by Melanie J Yarbrough on 07/29/08 at 11:45 PM

the heat of this piece is undeniable. I love the opening, I love how this feels like a final dip into that fantasy world then slowly pulling yourself back out of it. one day at time.

Posted by Morgan D Hafele on 07/13/10 at 01:18 AM

i love how frantic this feels, just ripping the reader through from start to finish! awesome!

Posted by Meghan Helmich on 11/29/11 at 09:53 PM

This is thrilling!

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