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by Chris Sorrenti

never fails to amaze
how the implausible
becomes accepted
what once was feared
still is by some
in others
now taken for granted

in that
every family has its share of stories
of things not right in daytime
but mostly at night
of human flowers cut down
by the Reaper’s sword
some when they were supposed to
others by their own hand
before the allotted time

flickers in the electromagnetic field
orbs that fly across rooms undetected
except in the lens of a video
cold spots heralding portals
to parallel dimensions real
as the spectral voices
caught on digital tape recorders
where it’s believed by some
angels and demons reside

never fails to amaze
how the fringe
becomes mainstream
what once was scoffed at
still is by some
now another branch of science
in those who see
and can speak to the dead

at least every other night
on the television
fact becomes fiction
and fiction reality
but is it truly real?
or just a carefully concocted
sound and light show
with music added
for special effect

© 2008

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Posted on 02/09/2008
Copyright © 2019 Chris Sorrenti

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Keith McFarlane on 02/09/08 at 03:04 AM

This is really entertaining. As long as sensationalism sells, this is what TV will show us. Or Michael Keaton movies.

Posted by Coleman Demiurge on 02/09/08 at 04:46 AM

I'm about as skeptical as skeptical can possibly get, yet I do still watch these "ghost hunting" things now and again. Most Haunting mostly because I find it amusing when they run screaming out of a room whenever they hear "footsteps" (fine ghost hunting right there). Anyway, excellent piece; not only in its conjunction to reality ghost hunting television, but to pretty much to all aspects of 'entertainment' nowadays... Very well done indeed; stanza two was my favorite part.

Posted by Gregory O'Neill on 02/09/08 at 05:11 AM

Excellent observations, Chris. Still, great thinkers since antiquity have given paranormal events and mystical truth claims a central place in their philosophies. One wonders. Thanks.

Posted by Adrian Calhoun on 02/11/08 at 07:34 AM

In the back of everyones mind I think these questions "haunt" the shadows. Some of us i'm sure have seen things that are hard to explain if they can be at all. All the stories. I believe there are spirits walking the earth among us myself. Good piece Chris, anything that makes people think or question things is a good thing.

Posted by Lauren Singer on 02/12/08 at 12:53 AM

loved this quirky little piece. my house was on ghosthunters before my roommates and i moved in! how about that, eh? ;)

Posted by Alisa Js on 02/12/08 at 06:16 AM

Is there really any way to really know, I wonder.... as there are times that both sides can make their case for believing...lol.. now how can that be??? two rights? lol... sure... alisa ;-)

Posted by Quentin S Clingerman on 02/12/08 at 01:48 PM

Insightful commentary on part of today's culture! It is fascinating with all our advancement in technology and science the human condition remains where it has always been!

Posted by Christina Bruno on 02/12/08 at 11:32 PM

i like this not only because of its power but because of its inquiry. i think we all wonder about these things, i like the way you executed this piece :) great job, chris as usual

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