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The Burden.

by Andrew S Adams

well, i'm sick and tired of searching
in the wreckage for survivors
so let's turn off all the lights
and then call back all of the divers
and divert this damned attention
to the next coming disaster
and you doubt that it will happen
you should learn to learn it faster

suffice the insight
to say it's right
now get inside close your eyes
and sleep tight, turn off the lights
it's like we're calmly flowing water
underneath the troubled bridge
and we don't expect that 90 cars
will nosedive in

when we're happy in our houses
and we've found ourselves complacent
we discover it destroyed
almost everything adjacent

we replace the parts and paint the scars
and open up for business
like we're none the wiser til someone comes and bears witness
that the interesting thing is not survival stories
or the tired allegories, or all the people mourning
it's the ignored warnings
it's the bodies that were buried
underneath this broken bridge
it's the burden that we carry

we're doing 95 miles in the diamond lane
down thirty five west in the driving rain
and we don't stop and we don't complain
we're just trying to leave town as fast as we can

we're trying to burn the blank slate at the stake
while we're drawin blank checks out at the state bank
and our gas tanks are running on empty
cos we drive tanks to go buy our groceries
now we point the fingers at the ones who run the show
but who the fuck elected em, gee, i dunno?
was it, corporations or billionaire interests
or evil-minded vote rigging fundamental christians
or was it you who sees the news
and says it's so shockin
but you wouldn't spend a dime
to fix the roads from your own pockets
you see the path we're walking on is
showing signs of wear
and if you follow to the end
you'll find bridge no longer there

now throw your hands high for the hole in the road
to hold up the bridge that's about to implode
and step back now to watch it all crumble
step back from the collapse try to see where we stumbled

now our failures they assail us
as we wait for any news
and we wonder what went wrong
but we never got the clues
that construction crews conducting news
can not reuse the parts
we've got to cross the river
build a bridge upon a fresh start
don't make the same mistakes
we take for granted every day
we've got to realize the evil eyes
are staring right this way
if we neglect the intellect
of the ones we don't elect
then we reset the stage for
page one stories of regret

it's like it's the he-says-she said
no common ground found with her
but he didn't burn the bridge
no, it fell into the river
eastbound westbound headin toward downtown
careful where ya go
because you'll find you might drown
gotta try to make sure this don't happen again
because i don't wanna drown when i get to the end
gotta try to make sure this don't happen again
we gotta fix the 612 and put the place on the mend


Author's Note: a song i'm currently working on; the last 2 stanzas are different in the version i've got recorded now (up on my myspace, myspace.com/blocksband)- but these lyrics will be used in the final recording.

Posted on 09/21/2007
Copyright © 2024 Andrew S Adams

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Gabriel Ricard on 09/21/07 at 02:59 AM

If I had a half-decent computer, I'd be there checking this thing out right now. On the lyrics alone, I'm interested as hell.

Posted by Michelle Angelini on 09/21/07 at 03:38 AM

I may turn into a fan of this kind of music yet. In reading the lyrics, I was speaking them outloud and the beat is just incredible. One thing - S6 L14, check it. You've really got some key issues in here and the commentary on them is incredible.

Posted by George Hoerner on 09/21/07 at 03:33 PM

Really great Andrew! We wake up every morning and look in the mirror and don't even realize we are looking at culprit. It is always the other guy. In some small way we are all responsible. I could go on but you've said it so well.

Posted by Alison McKenzie on 09/21/07 at 03:37 PM


Posted by Paul Marino on 09/22/07 at 10:47 PM

"we're doing 95 miles in the diamond lane/down thirty five west in the driving rain" ---i like those lines the best.

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