by Curt Allday

the hammer was locked
as it went back and forth





cheeks red, sunken
with eyes mired in crusty eyelashes
reaching out
to grab hold
of the swaying


encased in gold

faint & dazed
he is in the midst of the artist's

postmodern crisis

no phasing out, no relevance to be found
he, a librarian franticly searching and searching
amidst the dust and relics of decaying shelves
with so many secrets that will never


revealed, as we are lost forever,
as he's being seeled shut
in a sarcophagus
with the oxygen depleting like
time passing over the sutro cliffs
with the fog strapped to it

side to side

side to side

side to side

like breaking waves
his mind is feeling the calcium
filter through his bone
and veins

with a heart crackling like evergreen branches
making ashes and sunrises
like blood rusting over each crevice of its chambers
he is a plastic bag spiraling outside the large office windows
while in his inattention
he is feasting on the fervor of his devotion

to that

age old

"You are getting very sleepy.

I want you to focus on the very image of me.

Wave to me.

Wave to me.

Wave to me.

See, I'm there walking up inside your nasal passage

moving aside your needless lobes full of hurricanes of neuronic firings, moving through the viscosity of your best childhood memories- right there, I want you to imagine my hand, becoming a glove, becoming a sponge, becoming a vacuum of all time and space moving aside each nuclei

bringing it into my mouth to drain,

do you see me there,

I am reaching there,

I am reaching there,

back into your cerebellum, running a small, arcane blade along the stem.

And then, right now, I want you to take 3 deep breaths, I want you to take in the sweet fire of all those hidden motives, essentially, I want you to recite how you planned to get away with the things you done.
I want you to tell me all the truths in verses evolving into choruses of what you been drowning in for the last 6 or 7 months.

Take this time to slowly fade away and become familiar with our friends-





See, you can approach this dilemma in the same way you have done every day of your life, or you can relax, take in a breath of fresh air, and let this all become a bunch of nightmares and dreams,

see- this aint the same kind of demon you have felt tugging at your fragmenting seams since you were the age of three, this is the peril of persuasion in a Conrad-like primitive sort of schizo-paranoia-like state,

and so, close the doors, put your children to bed, as you submit, as you are induced into a dream like state.

Think of this as fate meeting destiny on their very first date.


focus again



and let your head nod
let your eyes become very heavy.

now, when you awaken, you will feel different, you will know that:

the days can be full of constant happiness, never any lonliness, no mortality, only the immortality of the here and now, where you never waste a second dreaming 20 years in the future, where the sutures on your heart hold and never allow the blood to overflow, where all your wants and desires can occur in the blink of an eye, where there will never be a God you have to deny, and I want you to believe this doesn't only happen in the movies or in TV.

I want you to find this place now as you twiddle your thumbs and move your toes, and

when I snap my fingers three times,

this will be the world

you now






Posted on 03/27/2007
Copyright © 2022 Curt Allday

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