by Kate Demeree

This is the fourth time I have tried to post this… hopefully this time it will take.
This is the season of Love among men, or it is supposed to be. But there is an injustice being done. I believe it is wrong to persecute an innocent and that without proof a person is supposed to be presumed innocent… not guilty unless proved otherwise.
I am supposed to sit idly by while this goes on and keep my mouth shut, or I will be taken to court… I suppose this post will insure that I am… So Be It!
This innocent brought nothing but good into my life, and that of my daughter. This innocent helped bring out of darkness a wounded heart and troubled soul, yeah sounds corny doesn’t it? But it is the truth!
This being the season of joy and love, my heart and soul are both in turmoil for there is one I would wish to hug tightly, and wish a Blessed Holiday Season… yet I can not. Still my heart does wish it, still they are in my thoughts and prayers… and no one or nothing can stop that!
I pray that God’s Heavenly Hoard… comes to this person and stays with them to help them, to fight by their side the battle that lies before them. I pray that God will send a shield of his Holy White Light and the Light of His Love to fill this innocent.
Joseph was the first foster father, the first on record to give his Love as Our Father Gives his Love to us… Unconditionally… Blessed Be His Name…
I wish you All a Blessed Holiday Season…
Even those who are persecuting… unjustly


Author's Note: this would not post to my journal... so i placed it here... please forgive me if it is not within the rules to do so, but i had to speak out...

Posted on 12/25/2006
Copyright © 2021 Kate Demeree

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Philip F De Pinto on 01/06/07 at 10:58 AM

I think it matters little whether this is a journal entry or a poem. To me it says what is in your heart to say and that is all that matters. And what are poems and journals, but they consist of words, the lot of which would be lost if they had no keeness of heart and soul to guide. And you Kate have plenty of both. as well you are the perfect guider of words to the heart of souls like me. and so I welcome your words, whether you think they be fit only for journals or poems, unto my port they amount to the same when your vehicle has love in it holds and plenty of good intention.

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