grass & the breaking republic

by Steven Kenworthy

raindrops hold important races down windows
the winner gets
to the bottom first.
the artificialist gets a day at the salon
& an avenue almost worth parading on
thrown candy
the exterior drive, the circus we all watch with
big eyes
bright flashy eyes and false childhood dreams that, it’s
all about warm colours
& childhood naivety

rock bottom is a scary place for those who prefer
to walk on fire on
stained glass, i and my friends
rinse ourselves off in mirror lake, the rainbow of our footprints
carefully not to shatter, but to shine
reflect make a comeback at
the facts,
it is not about us. it is not about you.
the bravery
the broad strokes acrylic painting realization,
long day.

growing and stretching
saturated in holy waters
we’re going to dry fast regardless of
precipitation amounts might hint at, levels of storm strength
strong enough to
power wash this morning i might actually
the difference between waking up and getting up:

rise above.
put on the very best wings you can find that might never fit perfectly &
you have to forgive&
wish hello goodbye &
start all over again.

faith clumsy,
i slip constantly. i am king at royally screwing up.
this time,
i have decided to wear carefully
bare feet.

taken in stride,
life in every ounce of its limelight is a pounding
it is pretty and an eternal crush gone wrong but right. write,
as a contributor to this entire scene i will put up a gaudy backdrop
act like act one take one
day at a time
in the villain’s shadow there is something greater than
pleasure & survival.

to stay eternally alive and outside this misguided safari hunt,
you try to find your spot.
chasing safety
on the map there are so many cities with such few caves.
an invisible destination with vision,
select unique frames
the filmstrips and eyeglasses will all look different from each other

so i ask,
dear One of a Kind,
how original is sin when everyone is best friends with
making mistakes &
repeating the please Father forgive me cycle?

this is making a failed movie
you learn to accept imperfection, the beauty sleeps in
folded hands
punch nightmares and bad performances away
He will bring you back.

watch & listen with your ears;
the critics will rave about
“a better tomorrow”.


Author's Note: realization that something/One is bigger than you and your miscroscopic world. love&forgiveness/survive because of this.

Posted on 10/28/2006
Copyright © 2020 Steven Kenworthy

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Kristina Woodhill on 10/28/06 at 10:20 PM

Thanks for this exciting, moving read - looking smack dab in my mirror, that's what you make me do.

Posted by Leslie Ann Eisenberg on 10/31/06 at 04:35 AM

oh, baby, that opening line is coolness. artificialist? nice. reminds me of "decisionist." great set up in the opening stanza, rodeo drive snapshots, and the exterior, the faces we put on.....walk on fire on?stained glass, is the most original and provocative phrase i've heard in some time. what a searing image, it makes me think of a silent sinner sitting in church pew. and the spiritual imagery continues, especially loving water/baptismal references like - rinse ourselves off in mirror lake... other stand-out lines for both sound and story --put on the very best wings you can find that might never fit perfectly &?forgive. an eternal crush gone wrong but right. write,...how original is sin when everyone is best friends with ?making mistakes &?repeating the please Father forgive me cycle? ...the beauty sleeps in?folded hands?fists?punch nightmares and bad performances away?He will bring you back.?....here imperfection is viewed as beautiful. while making errors along the path (the safari hunt), one still tries to walk the right way, and make peace with not being perfect....i love how the layers of the face seen in the first stanza are peeled away to reveal raw fear beneath. "an invisible destination with vision," is faith defined. indeed, the desire for more, a connection is yearned for here, and it starts with the recognition that something exists beyond petty desires. at the same time, i see a skeptic of organized religion. questioning faith -- its value, or the very existence of a higher power -- is a common, and legitimate beef, and whether or not you intended to do so, i see it clearly and beautifully laid out in your always entertaining style. PK

Posted by Therese Elaine on 10/31/06 at 05:23 PM

"put on the very best wings you can find that might never fit perfectly & forgive." You're slowly killing a part of me sugar, only to bring it back to life every time you do something like this. Its like a black eye that only makes me smile.

Posted by Megan Guimbellot on 01/14/08 at 01:36 AM

if only everyone thought the way you do!! gorgeous, gorgeous

Posted by A. Paige White on 03/11/08 at 02:22 PM

Oh I love this, Worthy. Going in my favorites. You have grown to be my favorite pathetic writer. What wonderful gifts you share with us! Thank you.

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