****Avowal Clouded Archery

by A. Paige White

Vowels clad in clashes
Crash consonants in cumulus waves
Logos languished to rocky shoals
Pauses caused with little dashes
Ellipsis luna eclipses made
Sagittarius sagaciously nocks
A free breasted Cupid's bow
Bathe the golden shouldered
not in cancer's softening sun
but silhouetted against yon moon
Rhyming reasons for the changing seasons
Arch her back
Her ready stallion rears
and rushes forward for her word
Tattered tears but a tattoo
upon her cheeks
Glossalia gallops yet uncurbed
in tangled tongues drenched in frenzied kisses
Circlets adorn bold strokes that mourn

lines unwritten upon his page.

He spent his scent on me
The body of his thoughts
Fragrances of rambling arose
Tupelo honey, suckle, climbing my vine
His desire in me well spent
blooming pleasures in my mind
Tender strokes on zebra skin
Handcuffing heated hearts allure
Blooming pleasure in my mind
His feathered ready writer's quill
lays lathered from the ride
Waiting treasured orgasmic creations
of inky wetness sliding him inside
The parched parchment of
words passionate and kind
Blooming pleasures in my mind
We savor sliding words of silk
Bereft and oft forgot
"Open to me, my love,
My treasure, let me in"
Blooming pleasure in my mind.


Now Giddyup go, hoss!


Author's Note: Silliness and jabber, plain and simple. This is what NOT TO SUBMIT AS POETRY thinking looks like. I wish pathetic had an official "bad poetry" day. I bet I'd win! hands down. So why do I still have this continual desire to "write poetry"? ewwwwww...
Pause for a moment, a moment of silence, on your merry way to read real poetry, and ask some wandering homeless muse to possibly stop by my place... I'll make tea and biscuits.

Posted on 09/09/2006
Copyright © 2021 A. Paige White

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Glenn Currier on 08/11/09 at 05:45 PM

Hey, if this is your bad poetry, I year for the worse... the bad is soooo good. You sure had my imagination popping. Waking me on this hot afternoon in August.

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