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Impeach The President

by Junemarie Roldan

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Within the face of George Bush are the faces of over 4500 American soldiers who are no longer with us.

“That we are to stand by the president, right or wrong is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

=Theodore Roosevelt=


Impeach The President

01. Impeach him for leading us into an illegal war with Iraq. killing over 4500 of our soldiers, maiming and crippling scores of others, and for the countless deaths of Iraqis for a crime they didn't commit.

02. Impeach him for his torture and inhumane treatment of innocent detainees in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba and all the other unknown places where he holds them.

03. Impeach him for raping our environment and pillaging our land

04. Impeach him for taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

05. Impeach him for causing the deaths of our elderly, our children, and everyone in between due to a lack of healthcare.

06. Impeach him for the lies that spewed from his mouth ceaselessly, when in the beginning he promised to always tell us the truth.

07. Impeach him for the fact that you can always count on him to be corrupt, inefficient and incompetent no matter what he turns his hand to.

08. Impeach him for the cronyism which was responsible for the suffering and deaths of many due to 'Katrina,' who looked to him for help and deliverance, that arrived too late.

09. Impeach him for the fact that he calls himself a Christian, when it is people like him that give Christianity a bad name.

10. Impeach him for shredding our constitution, and for making a mockery of our country around the world. Where we once stood tall and proud, we are now mired in the shame and disgrace he has stigmatized us with..

Here stands this man, this President covered from head to toe in the blood of his victims.

If it's not already too late to cover our country in the mantle of greatness it once wore, we must impeach the President NOW!

Impeach Bush Now - Petition


Author's Note: You may not agree with this, but it has to be said.

Posted on 07/12/2006
Copyright © 2024 Junemarie Roldan

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Heide McAlister-Bates on 07/13/06 at 06:10 AM

It does have to be said, and you've said it well.

Posted by Leslie Ann Eisenberg on 07/15/06 at 01:42 PM

well laid out in brutally honest lines. your outrage at these atrocities is well articulated and crystal clear. your passion is outstanding, in an era where few take a stand. PK

Posted by Vere Mantratriad on 07/16/06 at 02:05 AM

Not everyone will agree...and even more will not hear, even if you stand a foot away from them with a loudspeaker. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep talking. Good for you, June...we know what should be done, but we'll probably just have to wait it out...let's hope that the waiting doesn't kill more of our men.

Posted by Jean Mollett on 07/16/06 at 07:26 PM

Hi Junemarie, I most most certainly agree, written and said very well. I'm certainly glad someone finally said it. I had mention to some, but it's like they have their eyes and ears covered. You need a medal and big pat on the back for this one. Hopefully, we'll get someone running, that can be trusted and make a better President. Lots of hugs. Amen to this one. :) I put this one on my favorites list.

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 07/17/06 at 03:05 AM

As much as I'm unhappy with the state of the world, especially Iraq, and even Afganistan, where Canadian troops are now fighting the Taliban, I really wonder if anyone else could do any better in leading the U.S. I guess we'll find out soon enough in the next election. Your manifesto here is quite the eye opener, and a testament to free speech.

Posted by Quentin S Clingerman on 06/02/09 at 02:16 AM

And now who is taking us deeper into Afghanistan and Pakistan without a declaration of war? Afghansitan will be much more difficult to deal with. Have the antiwar mongers jumped from the frying pan into the fire?

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