by Steven Kenworthy

i feel brave.
i can see myself walking off the runway state
palmettos shaking hands welcome
(the next hurricane on its way)
scars on bark or skin are inexpensive souvenirs
their beauty marks safe and salted
hello ocean.

i am pushing...

my hair/ is growing long waving at the moon
you're about to share all your best kept secrets
now that the door is slipping off hinges
a rusted hasta pronto
"i hate goodbyes"
then what is good is i wish i had an airport
with stripes to represent
the every-other-dayness of this sugary and cool thoughtcicle
expensive fabric draped hangar

take off your flight suit
undress in front of me
i will watch and listen to the cotton slide off of you
smile shy
compliment honestly at your figure
eight hourglasses
born to speak of a scared of heights day at the lookout
red pulse runway lights
red pulse lipbalm kites
my intentions tasted like a modest novel before one mouth
became times two
time's three and let's think or
kiss oxygenless or run
runaway runway return react
reset your lungs
rest your luggage
i will sift through i want to know the things you blink hard about
the curb

after a series of collisions the trains might crumble at
(thanks to the one brunette),
i can internalize a quality nightmare with just warm milk

pensive pilot
staticvoiced you sound pretty like they say
you say what they say
you say today is today
but you hold back
so much.

behind my spine you whisper/work
a massage is the remedy
will shrapnel cut her open (up)
does the sun eat mountains
has the wave swallowed castles
what will she finally divulge

orange and white superpowered prescription bottle,
"i have one foot in the jet so..."
press hard and turn Left
how do?
how do i digest this Right?

oh lord...

honest positive facial expression,
she felt brave too.


Author's Note: please let yourself be naked.

Posted on 06/26/2006
Copyright © 2017 Steven Kenworthy

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Michelle Angelini on 06/26/06 at 04:07 AM

WOW! What a plethora of emotions and images. Terrific, outstanding - I'm hooked. ;-)

Posted by Christina Bruno on 06/26/06 at 04:45 AM

you are hart crane. i won't hear of anything else

Posted by Anne Engelen on 06/26/06 at 05:15 AM

hey there mister "Diesel", I just finished reading your "Say" and boy did it again blow me away. I was trying to come up with words suitable to leave you a comment, but I fail to do so. Quite a flight you take us on. I'm doing wonderfully. How about you?

Posted by Frankie Sanchez on 06/26/06 at 05:49 AM

you are my poetic idol. this is flippin genius. instant favorite/classic... you should be very happy with this.

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 06/26/06 at 03:03 PM

This poem moves like a tsunami, a tidle wave of words, thoughts, fragments of soul, wonderfully overpowering, and a spiritual experience realized upon coming to the surface.

Posted by Gregory O'Neill on 06/27/06 at 04:53 AM

Hi Steven. Best I've read from you. IMHO! Good job. This dances, pleads and just won't give up!

Posted by Leslie Ann Eisenberg on 06/28/06 at 06:04 AM

this is a superb story. at first reading, the lines seem quirky and disjointed, but as i read again, i saw the thoughts of a mind in action, expressing deep emotions, not just in literal terms, but with lovely imagery of landscape. what's interesting to me is that while this scene obviously takes place in the past, the writing style makes it so immediate. very clever. the anxious image of getting off a plane and looking forward to the sharing of her "best kept secrets," was exciting and hopeful. stanza 4 is particularly seductive --- red pulse lipbalm kitesone kiss and you are in flight i love this story, hoping that she will open herself...his fear that he will be lost... pensive pilot, funny how one can seem so courageous, the face, but within the heart mutes the tongue (internalize the nightmare) and i was caught off guard by the later withholding....and the final tickler -- will shrapnel cut her open (up)?does the sun eat mountains?has the wave swallowed castles?what will she finally divulge?say?????? an amazing journey, the heart pierced with the love twins of hope/fear. a masterpiece PK

Posted by Anne Engelen on 07/01/06 at 09:19 AM

so wonderful to see this as the POTD! So very much deserved! You rock, Mr Diesel!!

Posted by Leslie Ann Eisenberg on 07/01/06 at 09:07 PM

congrats on POTD! fabulous choice! PK

Posted by Elle O'Connor on 07/04/06 at 07:28 PM

oh, for a moment in your mind.

Posted by Megan Guimbellot on 01/12/08 at 09:14 PM

ok i think i just fell in love with you haha absolutely, absolutely fantastic i loved every second of reading this ahh :)

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