A Mylar Moment

by Kristina Woodhill

Mylar hearts are after me
Upstairs, downstairs, teasingly
Once paired with lovely flowers’ blooms
This once bouquet invades our rooms
They really were a warm and fuzzy treat
White curly ribbon ties undone
A celebration come and gone
Brought to us by the local
Big box store just down the street

Helium (from underground)
Mined to make these red hearts round
Defying gravity, unbound
(trivia my man gave
from his most amazing mind!)
Weeks have passed
They’re still around
We cut the ribbons finally
Sure they would sink
That we would be
At long and last and blessedly
Red balloon heart free

And yet! They float!
With freedom’s glee,
A brand new lease
Unleashed, you see
Up to the ceiling, merrily
The stairwell calls out breezily
A crispy crunchy crackle
That our young cat loves to rattle
Though her claws just can’t quite
Clutch and pop
To do the job
I just don’t have
The youknowwhat to do

Today I think I’ll beat this thing
It’s time to try
A brand new string
I’ve looked at this, I see, all wrong
It’s time to write a better song
With fresh new ribbon tied with care
This bright enduring love I’ll share
Our neighbor’s doors would look so bright
Heck, better yet, I’ll share tonight!
You know I think they’re all so swell
I’ll tie them there
And run like hell!


Posted on 03/04/2006
Copyright © 2021 Kristina Woodhill

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Mara Meade on 03/04/06 at 07:11 PM


Posted by Charles E Minshall on 03/07/06 at 05:14 AM

Funtastic Kris...Charlie

Posted by Joan Serratelli on 04/23/06 at 08:11 PM

Very creative and imaginatve- good imagery! Loved the part about the cat. I could picture it as I read- Excellent write and enjoyable read!

Posted by Deborah S Regan on 08/08/06 at 05:06 PM

so sweet and festive and fun, I want to have a party

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