Death's Wish

by Kristina Woodhill

To me,
Hold fast!
I am your first true friend
And last.
Why would you think
I could do harm
To you in any way?

I shudder at Life’s
Wild caprice
Her sly-eyed smile
Her avarice
To see you pushed
Headfirst and blind
Into the fray.

Hold tight, my child
Life’s raucous ride
Is crude and wild
The cushions from your crib
Soon washed and closeted away.

Her random paths
That cut wide swaths
Crisscrossing others’ lives
And too chaotic thoughts;
No filters given to our minds
To keep unbridled tongues
And acts at bay.

She lifts the lid
The steaming feast
To you revealed
With saucy smiles
And relished zeal
She stands aside to
Watch your random choices
Seize and taste
Each anticipated day.

Sup well, my precious child
Tongue wrapping round
Each sweet or bitter course
On china chipped by Time,
Whose force
Denies retreat as
Life’s most eager ticking clock
Winds on its metered way.

Know well,
Your spark
That tiny light does feed
Her vast eternal dark
Your energies and those
Of human others
She covets,
Slowly smothers
Then converts her lonely nights
Into sun-filled vibrant days.

To me,
Hold fast!
My hand is here
My quiet calm awaits;
Life’s mirrored fear
So falsely shows
My skeletal remains.
My touch lets drop Her veil
My smiling skull revealed
My love,
My wish for you -
Eternal peace
This day.


Author's Note: This is in no way about suicide.

Posted on 01/05/2006
Copyright © 2019 Kristina Woodhill

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Mara Meade on 01/05/06 at 11:54 PM

Sly, sly Death... begging one to Go Gentle... I can' find words for this... pardon the paltry comment.

Posted by David Hill on 05/13/06 at 11:41 PM

In this, I see the specter of death as a life long companion. Im never sure if it causes us to live and behave better or worse. I wonder how we would be in the absence of death.

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