must meditate, must recede, must validate

by Curt Allday

I wear my heart on my sleeve, I am technicolor, I am colors saturated on your TV screen, so bright it burns your eyes, that is how this soul glares, this is the light burning within, a spirit in the midst of agitation, blurred lines like the lines on your fingertips, shape shifting, isolated like icebergs on some moon, hydrated millions of minutes ago, once alive, but now frozen still to soak in the quiet disturbances of sand storms and electrical lightning winds tusseling in space, similar to the lives we all seem to lead, frozen vesicles melting in the sun, aging without a say, born without a word to justify a sperm and an egg meeting in fluid to consumate another life feeding on life feeding on time, inching towards something but unaware of what that could be...constantly wishing for validation. My own personal journey is trying to validate my existence, who I am in the scheme of a world that truly could care if I breathed one more atom of air, or uttered one more ridiculous complaint on the plight of my day to day activities, looking for strength in the people around me, in the music blaring in my headphones, as I watch men and women in trolly cars stare into space wondering exactly why we are all here, and I stare with them, and I drink, and I escape from this world, and I only want to kiss lips, or move in the cool fog as bison migrate by a fence when before they migrated for miles and miles and miles to go before i could actually take a moment to sleep and remember how it was when these things did not weigh on my mind, when relationships, and careers, and monies constantly exchanged did not matter as much as a lightsaber burning the air around it and sparking the imagination now letting me live, now letting me write what is exactly on my mind, letting you know exactly how much I love this fucking planet, and how much I want it to validate all that this world has to offer, if love is an answer, then life is the question, and i am not sure in which order i am supposed to proceed, or if in this ridiculous thought about love and life, they are really the same, both synonymous spectacles made out of my constantly thinking mind....nope, i will ramble on, i will carry no flag but my own, i will see so many beautiful things before i die, but before that time i'd rather be overlooking the skyline walking hand in hand, remembering just how it was when nothing mattered but a moment...free from pain, free from everything, just a quiet evening staring at the ceiling, dreaming in color, validating my soul, staring into creamy chocolate eyes, drifting,



Author's Note: just thinking, flowing, letting it all come out. just some of the things i circulate in my head on any given day...not a work to be critqued, only thoughts to be shared.

Posted on 11/24/2005
Copyright © 2022 Curt Allday

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