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If I Wanted to Play Games

by Amy Wustrin

If I wanted to play games

I'd break out the arsenal of Parker Bros. and Milton Bradley

My family keeps for holiday gatherings

And engage my father or uncle or aunt

Or cousin or a grandparent

In some cut-throat competition

Because that's the way we play

But when the game is over, we will shake hands

And still be friends

If I wanted to play games

I'd go to Barbara's house

And we would entertain ourselves

For hours, and hours, and hours

With Playstation 2

And I would bury my face in the couch

During the really violent parts

And everytime we got bored

We'd just pick a new game

And nobody's feelings would get hurt

If i wanted to play games

I would play Chess or Risk

With a willing participant

Who knew what he was getting into

And we can both play to win

And anticipate each other's next move

And try to manipulate the rules, employing semantics in full force

And it will all be in good fun

And when the game is over

And only one can emerge victorious

We will be good sports

And no one will feel hurt or betrayed

We weren't playing for hearts, afterall, in a winner-takes-all tournemant

In other words

If I wanted to play games

I would be looking for an opponent

Not a lover


Posted on 05/29/2004
Copyright © 2021 Amy Wustrin

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