Stir Fry

by Leslie Ann Eisenberg

Sun up, sundown,
forever the kitchen goddess.
I cut crusts off peanut butter
sandwiches before I shower,
my suburbanhousedress a
“Frankie-say-relax” t-shirt
and an ex-boyfriend’s boxers

Like coffee before it’s through the cotton
my waters seem a crystal stream

But I’m the savage lava chai, baby!
Pepper, cardomom, clove,
potent, spicy, verve.
Viscous honey coats the raging gut

Is that the recipe?
Dilute by drowning the wound. Repeat?
I dream of flying from the nest
But my wings are wet
baby hips take baby steps

Here on earth I sprinkle spices with shaking hands,
The hallways swim with thyme,
crimson chili flakes, wild garlic
flowers take center stage
If my tears fall into the wok
who will notice

The bitter tang of useless chaste, the
salty melancholy of regret
They are tasteless to everyone but me


Posted on 05/16/2004
Copyright © 2021 Leslie Ann Eisenberg

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Michele Schottelkorb on 05/16/04 at 07:36 PM

oh, this is so very true... the twin polarity of life... your spice and food analogies lend zest to this wicked cool, almost beatnik flavourful piece of the domestic woman's world... i can relate and i love this piece... blessings...

Posted by Ashok Sharda on 05/17/04 at 04:01 AM

'Stir fry', the title is suggestive of the central idea and so appropriate. the analogies are perfect.'Im the savage lava chai, baby! Pepper and cardomom bitter, spicy, verve. Viscous honey coats the raging gut', speaks about the mood of the poem and the mood of the seer of the scene. 'Is that the recipe? Dilute by drowning the wound. Repeat?' this is more of a conflict being faced in the form of these questions. Rather the SCENE in nut shell.'I dream of flying from the nest But my wings are wet baby hips take baby steps', presents the what is of what is.And finally this expression of your taste of the whole SCENE- They are tasteless to everyone but me'. Well, as a reader, we all base your scenes on the experiences we have experienced and I think many of them would easily identify with this scene you have so vividly presented here.

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 05/17/04 at 05:31 PM

Neat word combos throughout this. After only one reading, not sure if this is a celebration or a rant. Definitely worth a few more goings over. :o)

Posted by Ginette T Belle on 05/17/04 at 09:09 PM

um speechless over here, utterly speechless...unique imagery, powerful with lots of texture, it moves and flows wonderfully...wow..

Posted by Karl Waldbauer on 05/17/04 at 10:53 PM

"If my tears fall into the wok, who will notice" is both brilliant and breaks my heart. This poem is incredible.

Posted by Charles E Minshall on 05/18/04 at 12:48 AM

Very good Leslie....Charlie

Posted by Max Bouillet on 05/18/04 at 09:56 PM

The emotion you capture in this verse is very ellusive. It is one of the best verses I've read in a while. The use of the spices are incredible... the recipe is almost for a bittersweet aphrodisiac that promises excitement but ends up in regret and sorrow. The expectation far grander than what was actually attained. The more I read this verse the more I feel sad. It is a very powerful verse that touches on many different levels that speaks of the confusion and frustration that accompanies the dissappointment over something that was supposed to be exquisite. Great read.

Posted by Anita Mac on 05/20/04 at 03:58 PM

This is an awesome piece. Your words fly... Good stuff. ~Nita

Posted by Anne Howe on 02/28/05 at 12:34 PM

a wok full of emotion seasoned with oriental herbs and spices. oh yes and not forgetting the pot of chai. an excellent read and congratulations on POTD

Posted by Maryellen Lebeda-Parra on 02/28/05 at 02:03 PM

absolutely fabulous! and well deserved POTD! one of the best I've seen there!

Posted by Michele Schottelkorb on 02/28/05 at 03:23 PM

i'm so glad this made it to POTD... awesome!

Posted by Karen Koser on 02/28/05 at 06:01 PM

This is breathtaking. I can't even pick a favorite line because the imagery and words are all so incredible. I'm thrilled to have come across your writing.

Posted by Soulo Jacob Bourgeau on 04/12/06 at 06:38 AM

Such a vibrant poem! I can relate to these sentiments well (even the girlfriends lifting my favorite concert tees and boxers). Sad I missed it as POTD. Happy that I'm about to add it to my favorites file.

Posted by Ann Krischus on 10/05/06 at 01:48 PM

i'm spending some time this morning reading the work of various poets...i am so happy yours was one of them. i just added this one to my favorites list.

Posted by JD Clay on 11/06/09 at 01:45 AM

This is very impressive, Leslie Ann. Your spicy poetics combined with the emotionally charged message makes this poem larger than life.

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