The Great Epic

by J. P. Davies

"Poetry is lamb dust - Jack Kerouac"

So boring, and pretentious.
Perhaps it instills fatigue.
Lulling them into passive
motifs of bland awkward remorse.
Filling stanza space with emotions,
of antipathy and fraudulency.
Dragging the stolid into slumber,
a dust of cognizance and sleep.

Or perhaps it is
the articulation,
of the lamb of god.
A conduit through which he may
speak for our sentiment, and verity,
as his own in the end.
Lessons are learned, morals explored.
He could be discoursing through
my fingers immediately,
dusting my page with his glory and love.

Maybe, even a confluence
of old, and new, ideas and words.
The lamb, so novel, so pristine,
covered with the dust of ages.
The thoughts, and dreams,
of our forefathers remain,
in the fine coating they leave
on the new generation.
Teaching we who are alive,
the lessons of the past.
And the dreams they saw,
for a future, for a time.

It is memory; it is life.
The breath of eternity,
exhaled by the lungs of the now.
Marching on, adding syllables,
lines, and stanzas.
We augment our truths
to this great epic.
So we may affix voice
to the dust of our history.
The blood of a people,
searching for answers
In words, and phrases.
Ever looking for the solution
To a day in the life,
of a human being.


Author's Note: One of my friends asked me to explain my thought process in writing this poem so I'll repeat my explanation here... I had to write a poem based on the quote "Poetry is lambs dust". So I thought of all the possible ways that could be interpreted. First I thought that lambs dust could be something that puts you to sleep. And poetry puts alot of people to sleep so that's the first stanza.The second stanza I based on the fact that Jesus is known as the "Lamb of God" and some people find poetry very spiritual so thats the second stanza exporing that aspect.The third is based on the fact that a lamb is something very new whereas dust is often associated with age...this stanza explores the fact that we take old Ideas from the past and add our own thoughts to them to make new poetry.The last stanza is just which I feel is true which is the third stanza.

Posted on 01/04/2004
Copyright © 2022 J. P. Davies

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Trisha De Gracia on 01/04/04 at 10:30 PM

*shakes fist* and I was so happy with mine until now, lol Just kidding. This is great, I'd enter it if I were you, but then again, I'm eager to see whatelse you'll dream up.

Posted by Chris Sorrenti on 01/04/04 at 10:45 PM

Very mature and sound writing for an 18 year old, showing wisdom and maturity beyond your years. I like the religious/spiritual angle this takes, well reflective of its title. I'd say you have a good chance of doing well in the contest with this one Jordan. PS: Nothing really stood out in it that would make me quibble or question.

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