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by Karl Waldbauer

With another push,
I entered the world
No one walked me down the corridor,
just me making a very important journey,
My mother was there,
as were people
who manhandled me immediately after my arrival.
I endured their ministrations.
I was put in a “nursery”
far away from the woman who had pushed me into the world.

Years later and another shallow breath was drawn as my mother lay dying.
My father, my brother, and myself were snuggled on the bed with her
…a family event.
She had packed her bags,
now she was starting a very important journey,
None of us could escort my mother to protect her,
to keep her company,
to see the wonders she would soon experience.
She had to do it
She took her last, solitary breath
leaving me more
than I had ever been.
I kissed her forehead,
a single kiss,
then told my father,
my brother too,
we were now
She left us

It seems to me
our most important journeys are made
We may have friends
perhaps loved ones
surrounding us,
but we really make them without accompaniment;
no help is needed or possible.
We do them


Posted on 01/03/2004
Copyright © 2022 Karl Waldbauer

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Max Bouillet on 01/03/04 at 08:17 PM

There is so much truth in this. All the important journies are made alone!!!! I am completely in love with that line. Powerful verse.

Posted by Maryellen Lebeda-Parra on 01/05/04 at 05:32 AM

in a house full of what is meant tobe my family, i feel alone. crowded lonliness i call it.

Posted by Michele Schottelkorb on 01/07/04 at 07:50 AM

amen to that... heart wrenching portrayal that paints a larger picture... well done... blessings...

Posted by Jason Wardell on 01/07/04 at 04:36 PM

I love the form you used, here. On every repetition of the word "Alone" it's like an emotional hammering to drive the revelation home. Great job with this powerful subject. :)

Posted by Thomas K. Hunt on 04/30/04 at 10:23 PM

althought surrounded by everyone that surrounds us we are truely alone....I've thought about this subject often and you've expressed so well.

Posted by Joan Serratelli on 04/15/06 at 08:09 PM

Another wonderful piece, filled with vivid family images. Very sad, and unfprtunately true.

Posted by Philip F De Pinto on 07/21/06 at 11:27 AM

with this incredibly moving poem, Karl, you utter the penultimate truism of our aloneness, and then the Omega?

Posted by Junemarie Roldan on 07/21/06 at 04:32 PM

We come into the world alone, and go out of it alone. I have always said that, but not anywhere as beautifully and succinctly as you have here.

Posted by Joan Serratelli on 05/05/07 at 12:34 PM

I just lost my Mother a few weeks ago and this is exactly how I feel....ALONE :-(

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