G=e*P (God is EASY to understand, Lesson One)

by Rhyana Fisher

God is No Mystery

First law of thermodynamics:
Energy can neither be created
nor destroyed.

God has no beginning.
He has no ending.
Why? Because God is energy,
and as such he was neither created
nor will he ever be destroyed.

Most scientists believe
the universe was created
via the Big Bang Theory.
This could very well be true
as far as truth goes.
But where did the energy
necessary to generate
that explosion come from?

God = energy
One metaphysical finger snap = Big BANG

It was probably more complicated
but you get my point.

if you consider
God created time
it is not so hard
to realize he lives
outside of it.
There was no time
where he existed
so he cannot have
a beginning.
Beginnings only apply
to creatures caught
in the stream of time.

But i digress.
God is not just energy
God = energy * personality

A person.
God is a Person.

This may appear to complicate matters.
Actually, it makes things easier.

Coming soon, Lesson Two
How might a nondysfunctional Person think?


Author's Note: Was browsing tonight and crossed Godly Mystery by Rommel Cruz. Thusly inspired, i began writing. Not to say there aren't some mysteries about God. Just that most the obvious ones people think of as mysteries aren't as difficult as they might first appear.

Posted on 05/10/2003
Copyright © 2021 Rhyana Fisher

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Rommel Cruz on 05/10/03 at 02:20 PM

ohhh. very interesting. i cant wait for lesson two!

Posted by Rommel Cruz on 05/10/03 at 02:22 PM

just wanted to add that i liked the lines before the "I digress" part. That line and those below, are not so clear/well explained to me.

Posted by Ashok Sharda on 05/10/03 at 03:08 PM

Well, personality is an acquired thing. God has to be an essence. Energy, as you said, since neither it can be generated nor destroyed. God has to be WHAT IS pregnant with WHAT SHOULD BE.Besides, Time is a relative thing. There are organisms who live there whole life ie., procreates and die, in seconds ( from our point of view.) Besides time can be stretched even when one is in the state of heightened awareness. I am happy there are people who really thinks. Its a thinking poem expressed nicely. Just a bit prosaic.

Posted by Alex Smyth on 05/27/03 at 11:07 PM

You have eloquently laid the controversy to rest with this incredibly insightful yet concise theorem. The heavenly finger snap image is just so.....cool!

Posted by Jean Mollett on 05/28/03 at 03:50 AM

Hi Rhyana, It's very good. Yeah, scientists always has to put their 2 cent in it. I mean, it's not rocket science to understand God or to love him. I have ran across quite a few that really get angry about it, or don't believe in God, or Jesus. Peace & Joy, Jean.

Posted by John Harder on 07/11/03 at 05:13 AM

hmmm. thats quite an interesting piece you got here. i'd actually never considered the part about God=energy. very nice. time is something i don't think i'll ever understand. have you read stephen king's "the langolires?" i think thats how it's spelled. anyway, in his book, little creatures eat every yesterday, making time travel impossible. well, backwards time travel anyway. good book. bit i still think God will never be completly understood by us. not until we see Him. good piece of writing here. it got many people thinking, and that i think is the best kind of writing.

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