Forever Yours

by Kate Demeree

You are engraved on the very essence of my soul
I am happy love in this moment with you
I carry your face in my mind through all I do
I could live forever lost in your eyes
Full of blue sky and clouds
Yours are the eyes
That spark mine

You touch me in ways
Beyond what I have the ability to express
Just when I think I have found the bounds
The outer limits of what there is
I find something new
I was tired
Tired of living
Tired of searching for what I thought never to find
I found you
Against all odds

I want to write something to you
No book will do
I want to write to you
On the walls of your heart
With more than words

When I doubt it is not my ability to love you
Nor that you care about me
I think it is the child in me
Who stares with wonder at something
More beautiful than they can comprehend

I sometimes decry
All of the things that are put in our paths
And curse the clock
Nothing in this lifetime is simple
No matter how much gets in the way
I am here, I will stay

If you opened your hand
And I was a bird resting there
I would stay no matter how the winds blew
I would not fly away

Why should I rush for pen and paper?
They in time would crumple and fade
Love given and shared only grows
Changes as time goes by
Never loosing only gaining in depth

They say that there is no original thought
That everything we say do or think
Has been before
And will be again
What use then to place the words upon a dusty tome?
All I know is, that when I found you
When we found each other
I found home the words may not need saying
You may already know
But I do not think in a lifetime I can
Ever express that feeling adequately

What is there, I wonder?
Why the need to try and find the words
Perhaps it is because
When we are so far apart
Words are all we have at the moment
All I have to touch your mind and heart with

Talk to me
Tell me
Your hopes your dreams
All of the things you think in the night
When the lights are low and the house is asleep

I have a lifetime to listen
And forever
To know you


Posted on 04/28/2003
Copyright © 2021 Kate Demeree

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Ken Harnisch on 04/29/03 at 02:31 PM

this is arguably one of the loveliest tributes to enduring love I have read here in these warrens...That you wrote it, Kate, doesn't surprise me..

Posted by Philip F De Pinto on 04/30/03 at 02:09 PM

along with the breath you take the eyes away into the loam and wonder of worlds yet perceived.

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