Nathaniel And The Lady Of Seven Sins

by Rommel Cruz

Dark clouds swirl and tear the horizons.
Lightning stabs the tempestuous skies.
Waves of torment mocks an angel's cries.

Hellesial! Hellesial!

A sweeping wind chills the raging seas.
Turquoise water glistens her bronze skin,
Baring the Lady of Seven Sins.

Slowly, she rises, water trickling.
Her bosom painted gold and silver.
Dark eyes sparkling. Limbs long and slender.

“Why have you come? Why have you called?
Why disrupt my rule of centuries old?”

Her voice crystal clear… calming…seducing…
Rivaling a thousand angels’ choir.
Sensuous…Tempting red lips hissing why.

“I’ve come to free humankind”, came the angel’s bold reply.

“Free them Nathaniel?” mocking in mischievous smile.

Her emerald hair writhing to life,
Sliding down her face, caressing her
Silken skin, breathing petals to the air.

“Free the mortals from what Nathaniel?”

The angel flies down the desert shores.
Immaculate feather wings outstretched, blowing sands
Of anguish from a once fertile land.

“From your sins – the Seven Snakes of Sins
That crown your head; serpents that devour
And corrupt hearts that once knew love.”

She slithers toward Nathaniel
Her soft footsteps reverberating,
Churning the land. Scent ensnaring.

“Free? From my precious?” Soft kisses
To Pride. Greed coiled on her left arm.
Lust pulsating amidst her earthly charms.

“Greed, Pride, Anger, Lust they freely commit!
Gluttony, Envy, Sloth they heavily breathe!
Nathaniel, only the caged are freed…”

Her dark eyes wide and vicious.
Her snakes deceiving, encouraging fear.
Her tongue hissing on Nathaniel’s ear.

Justice swifts, severing her cursed tongue.
Shrieks of pain and agony. Greed gusts
Gluttony and Anger’s chilling fiery breaths.

Faith shields Nathaniel. Prudence is his helmet.
Sandals of Hope, half-buried on the ground.
Fortitude on his searing golden armor abound.

Pride and Sloth coils the knight-angel’s feet.
As Gluttony tightens, crushing his belly,
Lust rises, joining poison Envy.

Nathaniel whirls Justice, beheading
Pride and Sloth. He snatches Gluttony,
Crushes its head, and hurls toward Envy.

Outbalanced, she is thrust to the raging seas.
Waves of despair engulf this fallen serpent.
The sea writhes… blood stains…maddeningly silent...



Author's Note: This is what I was writing last December before my long absence. I actually didnt want to finish it (well I haven't finished it still). I dont know if I will...

Posted on 04/26/2003
Copyright © 2021 Rommel Cruz

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Kate Demeree on 04/30/03 at 12:34 PM

I love what you have done with this, I had read it in the unfinished state, maybe it is one of those epic tales that will continue, as the battle does continue within the human spirit. Great Write by the way!

Posted by Deanna M Gritsonis on 04/30/03 at 12:59 PM

Really well done, I love when I have to wait for the next one. Well done in painting a picture.

Posted by JD Clay on 05/06/03 at 03:46 AM

A metaphoric voyage through time. Great start, Rommel, very good. Peace...

Posted by David R Spellman on 05/13/03 at 03:37 AM

Captured me right from the start with its vivid imagery and fascinating tale.

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