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My Dreams Stayed on the Highway with the Rainbow

by Britt Zimmerman

Drove in silence
and listened to the wind
coming through my broken window
and to the tires rolling across the asphalt

I turned off the radio today
left myself alone with my thoughts
wanted to keep driving
until there was nowhere left to go

Funny, my thoughts spoke louder
than the cars that screamed by
and I wanted to drive until
the car sputtered and choked
lifeless and deprived of the fuel
that keeps it alive

Watched the smoke from my cigarette
get sucked outside
through the same broken window,
the one that lets in the cold

turned off the heat
cuz it wasnt working anyway
I wanted to feel the chill
down to my bones
shiver and shake
just to say I was feeling something
aside from the pain

Its not a new thing to me
just another bad monday
and I wanted to keep driving
until the horizon was within hands grasp

The other day it rained
and I drove at the end of a rainbow
followed it all the way to work
it stayed just ahead of me
touching the hood of my car
and I thought I must be crazy
because I had never seen a rainbow's end before
Where dreams were made
Where dreams were found
and it danced in front of me
asking me to follow

and I would have
I would have driven until I ran out of road
but I exited right
and my dreams stayed on the highway
with the rainbow


Posted on 12/10/2002
Copyright © 2023 Britt Zimmerman

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Rommel Cruz on 05/10/03 at 05:39 PM

i love this a lot. especially the last two stanzas!

Posted by Marjorie Anne Reagan on 06/03/08 at 06:03 AM

Unbelievable, Amazing, wanderlust at it's finest. So many just want to keep on going to see whats next or better than what is already. Sometimes it's better sometimes worse. Touches on fight or flight here. This one is going on my favorites!

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