What Passions Prowl?

by Glenn Currier

this mediator
by the conversations of

his comrades and enemies

his parents and peers

filled with the history of
his people and pastor
his lovers and teachers
wins and his losses
would his friends and kin

take the time
to notice me
take the risk
to be seen with me
spend a portion of
their wealth or
their care
their energy
on me

What passions prowl
what fondness
what fears
what sense
what meaning
what value

lurk behind

his calm demeanor

what men
what women

or huddle

underneath his skin
and he says…

he’s neutral

gagging and choking
I pull from my gut
the long worm

of hurt and anger

putrid and

by the constrictions

of this battle
of her ego and mine

and this mediator
his calm
s it
or sham
is he as scared
of this conflict
as I

but still…

he listens
unperturbed by her protestations
unimpressed with the
fancy clothing
and dulcet sounds
of her argument

she’s kidnapped
my time

and here I am

paying her ransom
paying his fee

my time
my pain

will he earn

will I pay

the coin
of my trust

This is the second installment of a larger poem (also posted here) that grows cumulatively as I post each installment; it is entitled: THIS MEDIATOR.

The poem is an attempt to describe the reactions and sentiments of a party in a mediation. Mediation is an emerging profession in North America in which the mediator assists two or more persons with a dispute to communicate and to reach an understanding, agreement, or reconciliation.


Posted on 02/06/2002
Copyright © 2019 Glenn Currier

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