Like a She- Wolf

by Audrey M Scott

Like the she-wolf no longer bearing
cubs, she walks the forests alone.
Occasionally her old mate returns,
spends time with her then roams on again,
leaving her there.

In her walks through terrain she knows,
she occasionally comes across some of
her grown litters, happily they greet in
recognition then move on,
set to the pattern of their own lives.

Her youngest cub, though sickly and mated,
having cubs of his own, still dwells nearby,
she often sees him, his mate and cubs.
They greet each other with nuzzling kisses.

Her warm eyes shine with
affection for her offspring. Though,
sometimes a lonely, longing look is shown in them,
she sniffs the ground as though
looking for some scent no longer there.

Raising her head, eyes seeming to
search around, she looks to the twilight
sky and howls a sad lonely howl.

Sometimes one of her own will answer,
other times her cry goes unheard.
Night falls cool, like the empty shadow
in her heart.
She sleeps and dreamsÂ…

The past gone like the flowing stream,
her own twilight growing closer, she
no longer yearns for things past.
Her heart lonely for the comfort of her mate,
she acknowledges acceptance of what
her deepening twilight brings.

Weary, having lived life for those her own.
Breathing quietly, she sighs, as the cycle of life moves on.



Posted on 10/12/2001
Copyright © 2022 Audrey M Scott

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