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* my re-application ... shared in openness. I love you All


On perusing The pathetic.org Terms and Conditions of Use after my recent enlightening experience, I have noticed that there is no mention regarding the perils one may encounter when the Love virus stalks the Pathetic chambers. Muses set on seduction weave alluring scenarios where unaware one develops a profound addiction to the site and its people. Inadequate the HDR therapy injected when the preyed-hunter symptoms begin to manifest themselves resulting in goner- breathlessness while inspiration spirals to elated levels. Once intoxicated, this emerging state of inebriation may impregnate with side-effects that may cause member termination regardless of age, location or occupation, when the love exuded is such that it overflows and in the name of liberation the library it inhabits parades Emptiness. No known quantity of Journal entries, no matter how demure, humorous or enchanting the content, shields the library from the system when in the name of deliverance, the hungry tentacles of Termination claw a member.

This knowledge is birthed from experience when surrendered the would-be-poems as ultimate love-gift to the universe, for reasons personal - the system swept me away while I was intent on writing an instant message.

A special "thank you" to the Administrators Sallie and Jadi for their support, to the Grand Poobah Gavin, who in his kindness would privilege me working on resurrecting my account, for the many poems I had never saved nor dreamed of printing. Such a gift would be a Heaven-sent grace and I would humbly accept, should the miracle happen. Wouldn�t you? Yet I understand how precious the time he dedicates the site, and I wouldn't want to cause more work on his behalf. I am gratitudefilled ... appreciate beyond what my words can say.

Yes. I do find it just that I re-apply. My love for the community is immense� and though you do live in my heart, each in unique ways, I need to hear your voice, feel your touch, your embrace� I need to breathe the words you write, absorb them as if they were mine before I can even formulate a comment. This has always made me feel as if the reader becomes the poem. Though, in truth I would erase that �if� for when I read the poems I love, I do become the poem.

lovelight&peace � m.angelina

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  Lunaheart 10/5/2007 10/04/2007 11 Brilliant Outstanding Flow Vivid Memorable
  moongaze 07/19/2009 07/19/2009 1 Brilliant Outstanding Flow Vivid Memorable
  Solitaire 10/5/2007 10/05/2007 3 Outstanding Outstanding Flow Vivid Memorable
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