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Lyrics -- Trials And Tribulations by The Epilogues
12/29/2007 10:55 p.m.

The Epilogues – Trials and Tribulations

Dear friends,

I’m almost certain that every compromise has left me now
Lifeless as it fades to ashes, there’s no more fear inside
Or regret for what I’ve lost, but I will find
That in this the moment of my life
Ill write this letter to confide you see

I’m writing down my feelings, which I know my be deceiving but I swear this time Ill never fall back into where I fell before
And I know this is the answer to all the pain I’ve felt this past year, and all the times you looked right through me, to the empty shell consuming and I wonder
Will you just let me go? Are we just letting go?

This goodbye, as it is our last night, there’s so much hurt inside and I can’t let go
And as you cry, my lonely tears, they slip by. I’ll hold you close tonight, even though I’m letting go, Ill decide

Is this the ending to our life?
Still, in this letter Ill confide you see

So go on now.

I am currently Troubled
I am listening to The Epilogues (find them on MySpace)

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The Muddiness Of Right And Wrong
08/24/2007 01:26 a.m.
As a title… “The Muddiness Of Right And Wrong” so adequately sums up how complicated the interaction of life and society can be when both targets are forever moving tangentially.

Line six taken from “Shortcomings Can Be Incomplet” (misspelling intended) by The Rise Of Science, an emo Indie band from Atlanta. From there, Bayes took over.

Thomas Bayes was an English philosopher and mathematician, two subjects I enjoy, but which typically clash with each other in discussions of science and religion among thinkers today. Bayes study gave birth to a predictive theory of behavior called “forward probability,” which, essentially and simplistically stated here, posited that events could be predicted based on the relationship of variables to each other.

And, while this seems to make common sense today, Bayes lived in the mid-1700’s, when many of the theorems we understand as true today in science, mathematics and behavior had yet to be proven and certainly not discussed amongst those outside the world of academics.

Bayes Theorem has since come to be the basis of many predictive behavior studies and experiments, ranging from gambling to understanding the weather. It cannot predict how time will guide time…
I am currently Sarcastic
I am listening to Manchester Orchestra... the band from Atlanta, not the symphony.

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POTD, Irony and The Day of Days
08/13/2007 08:13 p.m.
Thank you very much for POTD. I had no idea until Suzy IM'd me...

which brings me to the irony portion of our day... for to at 8:30AM I sat in a Dallas court room proving up my divorce, which was granted at 8:53AM CST. Indeed, The Trial Of The Fool.

So, today has become a day of reflection. A day of learning. A day of personal sadness. A day of days.
I am currently Somber
I am listening to the numbing.

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What Children Know...
07/29/2007 10:41 p.m.
My mate Chris in the UK just sent me the lasted CD from Scottish Indie group Biffy Clyro. "The Biffy," as fans call them, have been big in the UK and Europe for 5+ years, and made it over to the States once to play at SXSW in March 2005, a show which I saw.

This year, for reasons unknown to music fans everywhere, Biffy Clyro decided to make their new CD more mainstream... well, more like... or exactly like... The Foo Fighters.

Today, my 10 year old son, who secretly gets on my computer while I sleep to listen to the music I feature on my podcast, comments to me on his own and without knowing any of the history I just laid out in the last two paragraphs, that he likes The Biffy because they sound all American but with accents.

Yes, they do. Sadly, another great Indie band goes American to sell more records here. Of course, my son promptly imported three songs for his own compilation CD. Hmm, I think, as I wrestle my psyche....

I am currently Puzzled
I am listening to Biffy Clyro -- Puzzled, that's the name of the CD and my mood.

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A Beach Day In The Life Of James
07/15/2007 06:29 p.m.

A Beach Day In The Life Of James
Flight to Florida for trip to the beach: $354.19
Body surfing lessons from father: $0
Going from novice to expert in one short afternoon: $0
Riding a wave for 15 seconds all the way to shore, ignoring the huge scrape you just got on your back, standing up and yelling to all of the world "THAT WAS SWEET": Priceless

How sweet it is.

I am currently Proud
I am listening to Music for my next podcast

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