Member Spotlight for the Month of September 2004 - David R Spellman

David R SpellmanDavid Spellman, a Manufacturing Quality Consultant in New Haven, Connecticut, was raised in a closely-knit family of four children. “Our family would take some great summer vacations, traveling and camping all across the U.S. I visited many state and national parks in our summer journeys and when I would return I would try to write a brief synopsis of our travels.” These vacations instilled a love of nature, and sparked an interest in creative writing.

After high school, David joined the Navy where he trained as an electronics technician. When his term with the Navy was completed, David began a career in electronics and manufacturing engineering. As a Manufacturing Quality Manager, he also dealt with vendor and field service work. David already has a background in technical writing. “As part of my ‘professional’ life, I have been involved with writing technical material, including manufacturing instructions, operating, testing, calibration and training procedures, and, ultimately, quality manuals,” he says.

“The love of a woman” and joining Pathetic, though, helped David begin to hone his poetry-writing. He credits the site’s wealth of information about the craft in allowing him to experiment with various forms. It was here that he began to study and write haiku, a form he says he didn’t completely appreciate until he researched it. He now has a folder in his library dedicated to that art-form.

“I've gone through so much evolution and learning as a member of Pathetic,” David says about his work and writing process. When it comes to the initial writing or editing, he says, “Initially I would "get it" mostly on the first try, or allow it to be as it was written. Now, because of what I have learned and seen and experienced in comments, etc. here at Pathetic, I usually write and then go back and edit.” He continues, “ I try to incorporate some of the things that I have learned in response to the constructive criticism I've received on earlier postings.”

When asked about influences, David gives credit to all poets by saying, “All that I have read have influenced me but I guess I was most attracted by the writings of Robert Frost, T.S. Elliot and Edgar Allen Poe.” When asked about the poetry he enjoys reading, he laughs and says, “All, except bad angst or poorly constructed!” His favourite poem? "There Will Come Soft Rains" by Sara Teasdale. I was actually introduced to it by reading Ray Bradbury's "Martian Chronicles."

As far as being a published poet, David laughs about his early beginnings in poetry-writing. “No,” he chuckles, “other than some early submissions to the "scam" poetry contests which result in mass publications of every entry and then the offer to sell you the publication.” But his involvement on another poetry site brought him an unexpected honour. “I was asked for permission to use one of my haiku, "Crow Funeral" for addition as an introductory header to another website dedicated to crows.”

Of his own work, David says, “ "INRI" has to be one of my personal favorites, written… from the perspective of Christ dying on the cross. In the poem I tried to relay what it must have been like to have lived through those last moments,” he said. "Yet I also tried to impart what it meant for us, the human race, and the legacy that was left for us in the act and the remembrance of that act and the events leading up to it that we, as Christians, celebrate and re-enact in our traditions. “

"Michel" is another favorite of David’s as a tribute to Nostradamus. He ponders, “ Often his predictions can’t be deciphered until after the event has passed. It made me wonder, if we could see it clearly beforehand, would we have the power, will and ability to change the outcome?”

"This Feeling I've Known" is more of a biographical piece, especially in relation to the things that David witnessed as a young person in the 1960’s. "Grave Choice" is an abecedarian written shortly after becoming a member of Pathetic , and “Predilection” his first and only attempt at a pantoum.

2 ½ years ago, David was laid off from his full-time job as a Manufacturing Quality Manager and decided to take advantage of the time to write a novel. “I have always had the "urge" to write,” he said, “ and have begun to follow through and try to write various novel ideas at different periods throughout my life.” At the same time as the lay-off, he said, “an idea had come to me…and… I thought it would be a good opportunity to pursue that goal.” David has since completed it and is considering submitting it for publication.

The following is a list of the highlights of David R Spellman's poetry:

Author: Mara Meade

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