Vete Por Favor

by Teri T Lahmon

When our lips encounter,
Their exchange carries but a sliver
of the intensity
That once kept eyes focused on tongue and teeth as one talked,
The passion that made intelligent debate impossible between us,
For once we could talk of Plato and Politics
But our intellectuality was already preoccupied
With recreating the taste of human sweat on tongue,
Remembering fingertips tracing pattern on inner thigh just hours before,
Verbal acuity breaks down as fingers go to lips
As if to capture fevered wisdom.
Drawing those fingertips into mouth,
An attempt was made to communicate what words
And sweeping platitudes could not.
As we perspired and cried and came
We thought, this, yes
This passion is fundamental.
Born of mind and lust fusion
The ultimate combination of love and
Hot butt naked sex
Such a perfection of human relation
Can never fade
A fervent intensity of yearning and devotion so overwhelming
It must be Eternal.
But then...
And then...
And I...
And you...
We lost it over that thing
And the "getting even"
and "settling the score"
Finally one of us said "How could you"
and the other replied "Sometimes people hurt one another"
Then one of us begged "How could you??"
And the other replied "I trusted you to never hurt me"
When one of us wailed "How could YOU do this to me?!!"
The other, failing to recognize
A question that should never be answered
It was the end of us
You and I tried to get past it
But it's different now
One of us no longer
Trusts the other.
The perpetration of
Heartbreak in the First Degree
Has robbed our embraces of total surrender.
Everytime you touch me it is a regurgitation of
Everything lost
And we kiss-
I remember when there was no
You and I
Only the entity that we were
And I remember what it was like
To melt into you
And feel you being consumed by me...
Once I was driven insane by the fear of losing you,
I thought nothing could be worse.
But now, when we talk of Plato and Politics
My intellectuality is preoccupied with the supplication
"Vete Por Favor..."
Please leave...don't torment me any longer


Posted on 09/01/2002
Copyright © 2023 Teri T Lahmon

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