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Our Lifetimes Together

by Michele Schottelkorb

And if I told you that I loved you forever
Would you believe I always tell the truth?
(you told me this)

And if I said my heart beats in sync with yours
Would you remember our past lifetimes?
(you told me this)

Deep down in darkened dirt
Where german shepherd puppies sleep
You dreamt of me, once upon a lifetime
(I told you this)

Playing tag across the cosmos
Was just the start
Intermingled, intertwined, fused our souls twisted into rob-and-michele
(I told you this)

Writing spinning laughing weeping singing dancing
Lock step we are and were and be
Finish a sentence, or a thought, or a smile, or a whateverisneededintheevermore

And though the warfare (spiritual and tangible both) knock knock knock’s at our mind’s eye
We block, we fight and we never surrender…

And this, my love… my truest heart and forever person… this is what we are made of…
(you told me this – I am listening)
And I have loved you for an eternity (I told you this --- and you reminded me of our lifetimes together)


Author's Note: And this is just the beginning --- us immortal lovers and truest confidants --- and on this 26th of May, on the eve of a time of mourning, we bowed our heads and promised that which we have always done and always will… Being able to know that I am safe with you, no matter what is going on around me or us, is worth more than can be put into words. I don’t just crave our life together, it is sustaining ---this woman who needed no one. You are my very favorite person that I never knew existed. Thank you for walking our path not traveled together, my Rob… my beautiful Rue, my dark knight… I love you, your Michele… your loved Belle, your princess of light --- we embody the two sides of all that is and all that was and all that will ever be. (I have not written, really written, in a long time… tonight, this is what comes from my heart and mind’s eye… and I am following it… I adore you, husband… my Muse).

Posted on 05/27/2023
Copyright © 2024 Michele Schottelkorb

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