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we are all willfully not equal

by Anne Boulender

the queen is dead
the third worlders do not respect the indigenous
they want but can only ruin
they hate the white man, they hate the black man
they raise worthless children
while destroying their futures
they take too much pride in the failed third world

there is no diversity in asia
there is no diversity in the middle east
they invade, they colonize,
destroy GDP's
play both sides of the fence
and lose every single time
they are never accountable,
they are never ashamed

the queen is dead
her piece of shit son
answers to klaus schwab
her piece of shit grand daughter in law
answers to trannies and the intellectually inferior

they are all supremacists who ruin everything they touch
sewage begetting sewage
proud sewage,
such proud, proud sewage

there is always a sub-iqness about them no one wants to confront

the queen is dead
when the female subjects have a phalloplasty
when the male subjects have an orchiectomy

all the chloe's, zoe's, and hanna's dry out prematurely
men will never love them
their children, if they ever have any, will detest them

the queen is dead
the offshore teams and h1b workers of india
are about to replaced by automation
because they can not reason, they can not innovate, they can not even sustain,
there is such a disgusting, murderous greed in poverty

joe biden showers with his daughter
and shits his pants

call me in a year
after you've lost things you didn't even know it was possible to lose


Author's Note: nathan wade jackson of toronto, ontorio canada is a piece of shit. i can't imagine how foul of a vile, filthy cunt his mother must have been to have given birth to him.

Posted on 09/10/2022
Copyright © 2023 Anne Boulender

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