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by Clara Mae Gregory

These are the champions.
Understand what that means.
Everyone attending
this ball game
in this community.
My community.
Our community.

This is a side of reality.

There is a darker side.
But we choose to
Live in The Real World.
And Live in the Light,
Where we are color blinded.

I do take offense at those who try to influence, distort and promote a false reality and stereotypes due to the perverse propaganda being peddled these days. I want no part of it. I put a high premium on TRUTH. Laugh at that if you desire. But it's not funny. I have lived here in NC for 50+ years now. And I have also traveled and evaluated the true state this country is in.....definite decline,
the USA is in extreme decay and a mess overall [unfortunately the result of corrupt people becoming politicians].
There are pockets of flourishing communities here and there, especially at the resorts, but even now those are reeling from the events of the past two years. The video shows what is the current reality here. Very few masks. No MAGA with guns about to uprising. What a joke. The demographics vary all across the country. Here whites are the minority. Still, no reports of this propaganda occurring. It is a fabrication the democrats peddle.

So folks, think, believe whatever you want. Doesn't make it true.
Nor are all worlds the same.....but too many are made up these days with bad motives.
My world is being attacked, though, and I've witnessed the negative changes. The real enemies are coming through our borders with drugs and sex trafficking. Lawbreakers in every sense and they have been slowly and gradually embedding themselves throughout this country, making it dangerous for all that may be vulnerable.
The KKK and racism from whites onto blacks had greatly diminished in this country almost to relative non existence.
No doubt it's been artificially rekindled. The reality here is
Black on Black crime and murder that has gone up significantly from what it use to be, but also, so has black on white crime, much of it senseless and has been fueled by this ignorant hate propaganda. It's sad and sickening. But I am proud of who we are, my family, the community as a whole. MANY good yet hurting people, all colors. HERE
So, Congratulations to the team, to our son the Coach, to Rose for being one of the 2 girls on the mixed sex team, lol, and RJ for their excellent efforts and sportsmanship and all the sponsors that make the wholesome happen.
And I thank God for all of them.


Posted on 09/01/2022
Copyright © 2023 Clara Mae Gregory

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Posted by Joan Serratelli on 09/24/22 at 12:31 PM


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