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Wonderland Fading

by Eric Seligmann

You like me when
You've spun me dizzy
In revolutions
Cycles, spiraling
Run rabbit, beneath my feet
I'm hallucinating, dreaming
Lure me, drag me underneath
Into the somewhere between
The push-pull of confused gravity
An embrace then shove
Vampiric draining kinda love
Where my will and heart
Had been left exposed
Torn apart
And I succumb
As she takes the oxygen away
Straight from the lung

Twilight shines bright and I'm alive
Below the shooting stars
I melt into your eyes
I may seem crazy, but
It's because you drive me wild

But now look how the times have changed
How far we've come just to grow estranged
To lose faith and fall away after
All the lessons learned and punishments deserved
Seems like such a waste to be left with nothing gained
From our sacrifices and burns
Scars, judgements, trials, and time we served

The Tweedles have just arrived, with caterpillar not far behind
Dormouse falls asleep with grief, this party will have no tea
As March Hare declares the terrible news, the rumors true
They say that hatter couldn't stand all the laughter
Such a shame
I heard he took his own life today

Cheshire cat is grinning taking pleasure in anguish
Cackling unseen between the shadows, toying
I guess
We are his ball of yarn to play

Back to our realities, cuz this ceases to be
The place to indulge fairy tales, live out fantasy
I hear you're into my color of depression
That shade really matches your eyes
This season, if guilt is in fashion, then
There's no doubt, you'd be wearing red tonight

Autumn's in sight just below sunrise
Above the town where our passion ignited
Is now where its laid down to die

But now look how the times have changed
How far we've come to grow deranged
Allowing for all the bitterness and pain
To come and take residency, systematically
Pushing us apart, driving us insane
As wonderland continues to fade away
This is the game we choose to play

What's wrong? What makes you stir?
You don't like my story or the characters?
What's wrong? What makes truth hurt?
You don't like our story or the characters?
It's not the ending you think you deserve?
Not all get a happily ever after

I'm like the Queen of Hearts, now off with your head
But not before you paint my white flowers red
No use screaming, don't try to get away
No one is coming, you have no more friends
I met them at their end, took them away, killed them all dead
I'm numb to feeling inside
Broken in decay, drained
Distressed, depressed, eaten alive
Forgotten, rotten
Devoured by flies


Posted on 10/12/2021
Copyright © 2024 Eric Seligmann

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