Algorithmic Ballistics

by Matthew Sharp

Lift your curse
lift your curse
Shit Is getting worse
Its Scripted first
Specifically perverse
Algorithmically dispersed

They simulate decisions
before they make them
Quantum computate them
precise approximations
anticipatin interpersonal

Reduced to equations
Used to simulate our cages
Outrageous invasion
Games of persuasion

I ain't playing
Not obeying
I ain't trained
It didn't take
What'd they say
They don't capitulate
It's all for rituals sake

To sate your desires
They created in their fires
Of madness pushed on the masses
Til they can't see past it

Its Fucking tragic
I can't stand it
How they panic And fear
So insincere
I'm vanishing

No fa├žade to damage me
Sanctity thankfully
Angels in flames with me
Prey for our pain with me

We watch em destroy the whole Thing
Modern day war games
Information sourcing
Data mine recording

Data mine recording

Peasants and kings
I see I see
Why they gotta do it
Now I'm going through it
I'm free I'm free

A vocal soliloquy
to Focus through the social sterility
atrocious idiocy implanted
Vigorously assembly line industry

Your always be my enemy give me
Such vengeful energy
Since infancy

The TV taught me to kill often
don't get caught
It's not our fault
It by default
Kill em off
Total system loss

A.i. configured
satellite surveillance
Data monitor centers
To Enhance their simulation

The math is stimulating
Gotta feed their creation
Digital information
With as much variation
As possible

To create something so unstoppable
Humans are illogical
Immature and irresponsible

This is the mission impossible
No more divisions improbable
These bitchs are trippin
I don't ever listen
They pimping em psychological

Data mine recording

Perhaps something tragic
Will Bring us back from this madness
Its sad to see the fools they choose
For influencing new habits
Everyone's an addict
How they planned it
Understand it's
The whole planet
Controlled by fear and panic

Algorithm implanted
Fight each other
Til the last man standing
Enact programming

Its Like it's a sin
for everyone to be friends
Or even friendly
Rotten and empty
What's gotten in me
Persuasive information

Is now a math equation
Slight variations
Kaleidoscopic animations
Got the humans locked in stasis
Entertainment embracement

It's their favorite

With every flavor in it no limit
To the manipulation

Highest common denominator
Photonic oscillator
A logic /illogic operator
The Quantum calculator

Greater than its blind creator
system comprimised sterilized
Living dead dies in an
Algorithmic paradise

Data mine recording....
Data mine recording....


Posted on 09/30/2021
Copyright © 2022 Matthew Sharp

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