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King Medicine

by Eric Seligmann

I'm a patient losing patience
Look how patiently I wait
In a waiting room next on line
To get in line to get a line and wait

I guess benefits outweigh side effects
Of a magic wave of pen and pad
Cuz suddenly I have all the cures
For the list of ailments
I didn't know I had
You should notify your physician
If you come to any harm
But when he cuts you off
We can go be like all the cool kids
Sticking needles in their arms

I quiver, I shiver, I tremble and shake
How many of those pills did I take?
Paranoia, paranoia, when did it go so wrong?
I'm in pain, can't start my day
I must call King Medicine

The physicians are getting
All their prescriptions
Out onto the streets
Making it more convenient to get your speed
It's a quiet thing to fall
But far more terrible a thing
To admit - we are just paying to die
Assisted suicide, being turned into addicts
No longer a need to leave
The comforts of the city
To go off and buy the farm
Cuz remember, all good junkies
Go to heaven
After all their medicine is gone
You'll end up just another one of
Those cool kids with a needle in their arm

You shiver, you quiver, you tremble and shake
How many more must pay for their mistakes?
Knock knock, whose there?
Can I come in?
You all know me as King Medicine
Gotta whole lotta "shut the fuck up"
And "do as your told"
So we can all die young
So we never grow old

As your doctor I will never cause harm
I'm a Hippocratic hypocrite who made you
Into the addict you are
As my patient, in me you can always confide
I'm your best friend
The only one who understands
Always at your side
Anything you require, I can provide
So long you pay me before you die
I have the best shit, to rip you apart
So get your rigs, all you cool kids and
Stick those needles in your arms

Every four hours
Up to six times a day
Take as directed
As by King Medicine

We quiver, we shiver, we tremble and shake
How much of that shit do we really need?
Gather round, children, here we go again
Take two of these and call me in the morning
Every four hours, don't forget to check in
We're all just addicts, the true disease is our brain
There is no cure for us, so we have King Medicine

Every four hours
Up to six times a day
Take as directed
As by King Medicine


Posted on 09/09/2021
Copyright © 2024 Eric Seligmann

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