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The only gift she left were Bruises

by Eric Seligmann

You see this bruise, Man?
It's my ego, And
There's something-
A piece of me
Caught in her teeth
Shattered disbelief
I'm chewn through
Spit on out
Right by her feet
To rot in the fucking street

I'm anxious, heart palpitating
Caught breathless, hyperventilating
The hell do you want from me?
Girl, I am only human

Come down onto me
As I collapse
Down to one knee
Face to face with my God
Looking up, I only see you
Clad in angel white
Halo drops like a noose
And your wings choking me
Black and blue

Hey, I am only human
With nothing to lose
Except pride
Does that make me a man?
I just bury my head in the sand

I'm pleading
Screaming for help
Waiting for a sign from God
or a nod from Hell
Clawing through your laughter
As you pleasure yourself
To my ego being castrated
While yours is masterbating
Climbing on top of me
Fucking me like no one else

This woman - she isn't human
With that piercing moaning scream
My ear drums bleed
I'm weak
With trembling knees

She then can come face to face with her God
But she's looking unto me
Gasping, turning blue
Lungs empty out into the night
Her thighs excited
Between them, the morning's dew
They're on fire
Wrapped around me
As she finally can succumb
Giving in
See through me now, babe?
I'm human...
And Demon too...


Author's Note: Finally able to come to terms with and talk about my struggle with abuse. Some thoughts, though dark, about that time have been able to come out

Posted on 06/02/2021
Copyright © 2021 Eric Seligmann

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