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Collapsible (Updated and finalized to reflect recorded song)

by Eric Seligmann

Mr. Chamber, I've been
Locked in you since October
Have we learned here
I'm a real winner
A god damn sinner
I'm the only reason
I hate this fucking season
And sometimes
Crazed mind, will wander
Cuz I still miss her
I'm still captured here
Bound and forgotten
Half rotten away, I fall
And call for you
In late decay
If I knew that night
We spent together
After shared embrace
Would be the last time
I'd ever look upon your face
Selfishly I would never
Let you go
Take that fateful ride home
Maybe then, moments later
You wouldn't find yourself
Cold and broken
Dieing alone
At the side of some forgotten road

And its all
Its so easy to fall
I keep my shadow down
And dragging, so
I can have and hold
My own aged and old
Memories of you cuz
I still refuse
To let you go

That son of a bitch
There, that fucking killer
God damn sinner
Was the one to take
You away from me
Why does he get to be
Free - A tragic state
He get to try on a new face
A deception
That can't be kept long
You'll see quickly
Because I can't forget
To feed - the track marks
Tattooed into his arm

And its all
Its so easy to choke
I'm afraid
I fumble round, with my shadow down
and frowning
It goes to show that
Its just the way things go
We can't always choose
But I still refuse
To let this one go

Its so easy to choke
How can I stand
To come back again
How can I heal my pain
If I cant ease the blame
I still keep hope
A rope
Around my throat
I hope
Dieing comes easy
You would know
But that is just the easy way to go

I'm dragged down
In to her tango
Its not easy to show
I walk around with my horns down now
It's so easy to choke
How can I heal my pain
If I can't ease the blame
I'm holding onto her halo
The rope- at my throat
With guilt and doubt
But that is just the easy way out
You know?


Author's Note: Another older writing that has been transformed after re imagining it...this is what Collapsible has become after recording it.

Posted on 05/25/2021
Copyright © 2023 Eric Seligmann

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