I Had a Great Idea for a Lyric

by Thomas K. Hunt

I had a great idea for a lyric then sat down and it escaped my mind
This use to happen once and a while but now it happens all the time
My mind gets rambling and my thoughts become visions of the true love between you and I

It’s all new to me I thought it could never be
and then you smiled at me and you rescued me
You set me free to be who I need to be
Your love shows me that you need to love me

No matter where we’ve been
No matter who we know
We’ll share everything in a love that will only grow
There is no reason to ever ask why
We’ve been placed here by our loving hearts that live on high

Guiding us to the quickest path to happiness
You reached out and grabbed what was left of me on the surface
You broke down my last defense and knocked down my last door
I couldn’t have asked for anything more

That last door has opened and there’s no stopping us now
Nothing now will ever come between us no way no how
It will only grow stronger when we’re within our own time
We’ll finally touch each other live and not just in our minds

There it goes again I lost my train of thought
Once again I find myself for lack of words, yes I’m caught
This use to happen once and a while but feels more frequent these day
I’m not certain but it may have a lot to do with some purple haze

I think I have a great idea for a lyric then you pop into my head with such ease
Distracting me with your beautiful tease
Flowing through me like electricity
I live inside you and you live inside of me
We're right where we’re meant to be

Wow this so strange do you remember what I was writing about
You’re stuck in my head and I’ll never let you out
You’re mine forever for I know our love will never lack
Please let me know when you’re ready
It won't take me long to pack


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Posted on 05/11/2021
Copyright © 2021 Thomas K. Hunt

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