Sunshine Improv

by Matthew Sharp

info: simple potential its essential how uneventful
does it tower acid showers where sent for you
cowards poisoned planetary powers now the hour has passed
broken.... we choke on trash
i mistook your books for plans burn my hands
give it to the birds and plants you had your chance
my madness chants deeper than the seeker the speaker rants
no last dance
romance that
program hacked
zeros collapse the singularity
try burying that
im too f.a.t. fuck all that
i stay wrapped in nothingness black
lucky in fact observe while i swerve in the back
drop away consciously im ok
im amazed sunshine i bathe in rays of light
the kingdoms bright ill sing tonight
to everything thats right and wrong just like this song
respect my zone too blessed and thoughtless knowing
the mind below me we aint always really homies
i cant stand phony presence controls me presently only
lift off i ripped off the future and past
like a cast rather crash while im holding mass
holy nothing ever bothered me immortal entirely
essence inside of me in a restless society
dear diary die with me im on the silent thing

let there be no confusion
its a paradoxical obstacle
optical illusion were using
separate us from the core of human
all consuming more more more
bleeds from the sore they need that reward
a fiends at the door
cant even sleep without dreaming for more
poisoned boys and girls it drug you so you cant love the world
its already too late in its present state
we wont catch a break i can barely wait

for the new messiah lake of fire
you desire through the wire
its just madness phones and tablets
the drones cloning habits
simulated magic we made it happen
wont even thank you after this unnatural disaster breaks you

2...1... let the meteor come
nothing like swaying to
the beat of that drum
peace you cant run each and everyone
throw a tantrum under the sun
i laugh and be one disaster should be fun

im a repeat deleter i seek your leader
im the seer off meter vehicle for the meteor
i bring to earth your dreams a curse
it needs reversed atoms dispersed
rattle this earth

forfeit your corpses like you did your souls
sold to the individual ego evil deceitful
how you breed all these people
cant even see out the peep hole
we aint equal i aint evil

i just wanna explore upstream
cuz it dont touch me
im lucky im slipstream with this dream
im just lovely
thats the theme
i seen human beings choke on smoke screens
and schemes its ugly

i aint even hungry i live broke comfortably
keep your luxury please dont fuck with me
ill die instantly infinitely sensory spree
multi dimensionally omni eventually

i had to do this urgently show me some courtesy
everything always just occurs to me
a purge emerging alertness occursion
always a thoughtless version
with presence surging


Author's Note: a freestyle i just recorded.. email me paradoxicalobstacle@gmail thanks everyone.. love:)

Posted on 10/07/2020
Copyright © 2021 Matthew Sharp

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