Burning Flower

by Matthew Sharp

I'm bereft and bereaved

Best believe there's tricks up my sleeve

Should've never let me free

I turn it on you cuz you turned it on me

Civility is silly to me

Its really a disease

They need to leave

This animal be

I just wanted peace

Psychologically fleeced

Told what to buy and eat

Born in front of a lying tv

That's how I'm supposed to live and be?

Psychological trickery

I'll never forgive what it did to me at least it tried

Enhancing the truth with lies I find in the roof of my mind

But there is no roof

Just another lie to keep em blind

A diamond crusted blindfold

Barely tell the shine From the eye hole I'm told

But I don't listen though

Never did never will

I ain't spinnin on a wheel

That's a prison for real

Venomous feel

Destined to fail the snake swallows its tail

The mental prison worse than jail

As we lay down on its bed of nails

To soothe the savage inside

How do you manage the lie

Do you use beauty like I

Not like the movies but really alive

how silly am I to think I'd survive

In such a poisoned hive mind

Gave em identity I denied mine

tripped on a fine line among the timeline

The eternal connoisseur of perpetuality

Life and death is just my formality

I'm such a peasant they can't see it inside of me

I'm such a peasant they can't see it inside of me!

They yield to the power it devours

I'm poisoned and sour

burning inferno scours like lava showers I'm empowered

Born in sickness

Tortured witness

Burning flower

Thorns inserted halo inverted

Observe it on the surface it's perfect

Radiation in person that's my purpose

To burning inside my shell survive this hell and I die well

Now I'm dead

projecting on the scene

my senses are the screen

welcome to my daydream nightmare samething

Wage slaving on the daily

This is crazy save me I'm disgracing myself

Misplacing my wealth

An old safe on the shelf

Under a sacred spell

A royal peasant in hell

With an Impenetrable shell

The void will always prevail

Hit reset inhale

The collosal apostle

Inverted omniversal

Dispersal module on a mission impossible

Timeless clock stoppable obstacle

I'm not philosophical

Not intellectual

I'm cold embolden frozen golden glow I'm holdin

warp drive space time folded

Wormholin the human I'm remote controlling

peace I'm knowing gotta be deceased to know it

Meaning the mind is released

I unleash unconscious beast

from a timeless darkened sleep spark and seek

The artistry augments me

Sensory antenna meant for me

Incentive for suffering indignity

Cuz nothing was meant for me

Nothing was meant for me

Nothing was meant for me...


Author's Note: this is a song i just recorded. paradoxicalobstacle@gmail love yall. thank you:)

Posted on 09/20/2020
Copyright © 2021 Matthew Sharp

Member Comments on this Poem
Posted by Rob Littler on 09/24/20 at 03:26 AM

I'm cold embolden frozen golden glow I'm holdin...

damn, brother!

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