We've Made History

by Thomas K. Hunt

We’ve made history that we didn’t want to make
We’re close to the breaking point how much more can we take?
Forced to be distant
Forced to stay away
Forced to live our lives in a very different way

This is what we’ve been handed and the truth is plain to see
There is a deadly virus out there that can kill you and me

We’ve been given guidelines that we may follow to keep us all safe
Everyone needs to heed the words to make their own a safe place

It’s now a matter of life or death something most of us have never known
We’ve grown up to be responsible and now’s the time to make it show

We all need to live our lives according to the golden rule
Anyone one that can’t live by this rule is a natural born fool

Riots in the streets with looting and no regard for others
Shame on you mom and dad for your sons and daughters

It’s hard to believe it’s come this far in our land of give me your tired give me your poor
Stop wearing your mask and I won’t see you anymore

Until there comes a day when our breath may breathe as freely as the day we came to be
Until there’s a cure for this deadly plague and we all may breathe free

Each day we wish and pray it would all just go away
Take us back to the way of life we used to know in simpler days

Yes we all made history although we lost some along the way
This will be a history that will never go away

Chiseled names and chiseled dates will lay witness to the times
Memories will live on forever in loving hearts and living minds

We’ve made history that we didn’t want to make
We’re close to the breaking point but have we taken all we can take?
Yes we’re forced to be distant
Yes we’re forced to stay away
We are forced to live our lives in a very different way every day
and if you wish to stay alive there is no other way

So don’t make today be your last when you step out side slip on your mask
If not for yourself but for the sake of others you should be living by the golden rule
If by chance you don’t know what it is, just google it fool…..


Posted on 08/30/2020
Copyright © 2020 Thomas K. Hunt

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